Merkel once again calls for donations for Pakistan (Danke shn)


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Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) Germans again for donations for the tsunami victims in Pakistan called on. They thank everyone who helped would have been, and still more people, their support for the people in terrible distress in Pakistan to give "please," Merkel said in her weekly video message. In the south of Pakistan have the water on the flooded river Indus dams destroyed hundreds of thousands of people fleeing again and further boosted.

Germany and the EU contributed humanitarian assistance, NATO would entail an airlift food and medicines in the hard to reach areas. "That alone will not suffice," said Merkel.

It was important that public support would be supported by private donations. This raised the Chancellor highlights that it guarantees that the money really mattered in those affected. Merkel also highlighted the political importance of humanitarian assistance. "In the region, which is now flooded particularly strong, operate in part the forces of Al Qaeda and the Taliban." Therefore it was important to show the people of Pakistan that the West would give help.

In the south of Pakistan, the cascade of the flooded river Indus have destroyed more dams and again hundreds of thousands of people forced to flee. Overall, were in the area of Thatta now said 2.3 million people without shelter, the person responsible for relief operations in the province of Sind, Ghulam Ali Pasha.

On Friday, the 300,000-inhabitant city of Thatta had been cleared almost completely, because a nearby dam broke and the water flowed through a 20 meter wide crack. According to Pasha are by the floods in the province since the beginning of August are seven million people have been displaced, "but one million in the past two days."

In the beginning of the disaster at the worst affected regions in the north and center of Pakistan went back the water gradually, but the heavy rains of recent weeks have swell the Indus River near its mouth extreme. The area near the mouth is very fertile and therefore densely populated. For a week the villages and towns are there but almost deserted.

WE THANKFULL TO GERMANY FOR THIS ACTION::::::::::Thanks for all your GUT Deed

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We thanks to ZDF for broadcasting more then 2 hours ( Pakistan Flood Donation ) programme in which german people got the simpathy and donated the flood victoms in Pakistan.
People of Pakistan say Danke Schn to the People of Germany including Government , school children and different organizations !!!


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Their action is for the sake of humanity. It must be appreciated.
Thanks to all people from German who has given even a single euro cent to support flood affectees. Thank your for your kindness and generosity