Media or awam


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our country is funny , there are over 60,000 ppl died in Pakistan becz of terrorism but media talk about them like they were nothing , There are so many missing person in Pakistan but media tatus are happy getting big pay checks and say nothing , kids are dying in Thar and they are happy playing songs on our CMs and playing stupid ads.

But if someone put a leg on the tail of media they all gather and start barking ... like the whole country has nothing else to talk about ... in Ary Today so called terror attack where no one died , no harm done is biggest problem of the day , yesterday one prepaid newyork's time Journalist who was spying , Rangers went to his house and the whole Media was barking like mad dogs.

I think in Pakistan now a days there is only one mafia and that is media ppl. And they think they are above all and should be treated like kings ...

They are just brainless , sellable , low mentality creatures and we should not be standing with them for anything ...

these so called representative of PPL earn millions and then act like they are talking from our side ... and they also love to bash social media as they know ppl tell them who they really are ...

I request all members to tweet and post ... against media ppl to tell them they are just Pakistanis like us and if they think they are better than us then go back to the countries from where they are getting all the money to destroy Pakistan.