Maryam Nawaz 's cousin told her that we are going to lose NA-120 because PTI campaign is far better


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Re: Maryam Nawaz 's cousin told him that we are going to lose NA10 cos PTI campaign is far better from us - Senior Journalist

lo gi kar lo gal. High level of optimisim.


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Nangli League is so expert in rigging that they would make it. They had already thrown out more than 10k PTI voters from NA120 and registered fakes votes of about 29 k withing last few weeks.


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It's possible Maryam's cousin said that to her. But I have no doubt PMLN will win this by-election. Whole federal and provincial govt support, money/jobs being distributed, manipulation of voters list.....and this is just what we know about.

But in the end it will be a pointless victory. IT will not restore nawaz to the PM seat and it will not stop NAB cases. Just like bhangra on GT road had no effect on the bottom line
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