Maaf Ker Do - Why did Mubashir Siddique apologize from fans?

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Pakistani qoum inti shoudi kyun hai? Why would you want to go meet someone far off in some village just because he does popular cooking videos. I've been watching him since he had around 50k subs but not even for one second I've had the feeling that I need to go meet this guy, or any other celeb.

During my childhood my dad was friends with most of the Pakistani film and media industry, a greats like Sultan Rahi, Asif Khan, Nusrat Fateh Ali, would come and spend time at our business since my dad was into overseas film distribution also. Some even came home, but not for 1 second did I ever want to meet anyone of them or even take a picture with them.

Only one time I asked if I could go see Nusrat Fateh Ali show, which I did later. Still I did not go backstage to meet him or anything. I loved his music, but thats about it.

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On the flip side, Its also kinda weird to be so ultra conservative, the entire family and now you can say village of theirs is in the Youtube game and not even a single frame of even one lady or woman in any of the videos. Its like the entire area is populated just by men. Seems very unnatural.


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کسی کی پرائیویسی کا خیال رکھنا تو ہم لوگوں نےسیکھا ہی نہیں
بحر یہ مبشر صدیق کا اور گاؤں والوں کا اچھا فیصلہ ہے
ہر بات کی ایک حد ہوتی ہے اور حد سے تجاوز ایک مصیبت بن جاتی ہے
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