Lahore Blast: Facebook Mistakenly Enabled its Safety Check Globally


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Lahore Blast: Facebook Mistakenly Enabled its Safety Check Globally.


Facebook today turned on its safety check tool after deadly blast in Lahore that has killed over 50 innocent people mostly children and women till now. Facebooks Safety Check tool automatically sends notifications to people thought to be with-in the troubled/attacked area and asking if they are Safe or not. This way, friends and family members automatically get notified of their safety at times of natural disasters or during attacks like in Lahore.

Today, however, Facebook mistakenly enabled the Safety Check tool for everyone on the earth and those who were even thousands of miles away from Lahore were also sent the notifications.

Internet users, from across the world, took it to Facebook and Twitter to point out bad execution of Safety Check feature by Facebook.


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Yes , it kept asking me about Lahore .. I was in Lahore few years back , and I thought that could be the reason bec I had updated my status those days.
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