Kpk approves local body law


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KPK Govt has approved New Local body law under the supervision of Imran Khan and collation partners. sources Geo news

District and Tehsil Elections to be held on Party basis, village councils on non-party basis.

District and Tehsil councils Head to be called ''Nazim''


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InshaAllah PTI Gov. will be the first one to have local body elections compare to other provinces.


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Imran Khan has asked the law to be presented in KPK Parliment As soon as possible. and then they will announce date of local body elections. Insha ALLAH


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I will hold my congratulation till the day when the elections will be held and the actual power will be transferred to lower level... kaan pakna shuru hogay hen ab tou 'ga gi gay' ka seegha sun sun ker. tasali tab hogi jab yeh seegha "hai ya hen" mein convert hoga... (serious)


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Waiting for transparent elections on bio-metric system & transfer of power within days.

DECENTRALIZATION & DEVOLUTION OF POWER - START OF NEW ERA! Finally modern / western democracy dream about to transform into reality. This is where 'CHANGE' starts!

Just Do It!
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