KP starts Rs 3.6 billion Food Security Program...


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The provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has started three-year Insaf Food Security Program for provision of quality seed and free beneficial consultations to farmers. The objective of the Rs 3.60 billion program is increase in per acre agricultural production. The provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will also install 181 solar tube-wells and 8 dehydrators for drying fruit and vegetables during financial year 2015-16.

The provincial government in its annual development programme (ADP) for financial year 2015-16 has allocated an amount of Rs 587 million for 47 projects of agriculture sector.

The targets set for upcoming financial year included the growing of fruit orchards on 3980 acres while free 165,000 hybrid fruits and olive plants will be distributed among the peasants.

7000 metric ton wheat and 100 metric ton seed of wheat and maize will be distributed in farmers for the purpose of the production of certified seed and increase in production while 86 tunnel farms will also be established for production of unseasonable vegetables.

Similarly, 498 research and experimental plots will also installed for wheat, maize, sugarcane, cotton, rice, grapes and olive while 16516 farmers and employees of the Agriculture Department will be imparted training in crops, fruits, vegetables and livestock affairs.

For production of wheat, maize, rice, peanuts and grants and production of the seed of onion 603 technology transfer centres will be established. For improvement in irrigation 3400 water channels will be constructed or repaired 500 water reservoirs will also be constructed.

For levelling of ground 40 Laser technology levellers will be provided to peasants on 50% subsidised rates while fish hatcheries will also established on 170 kanal land in Swabi, which will increase fish production in Tarbela and Khanpur dams while private sector will also be provided fish seed.

240,000 cattle will be treated while 3 million cattle will be vaccinated and 30 old Livestock Dispensaries will be rehabilitated while research centres will also be constructed in Chitral and Swabi.

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Very good work,we need a farmers revolution where KPK becomes in a position where They are selling there fruit and vegetation abroad.


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I am hoping it will be transparent.

Very good initiative. This shows committment of resolving ppl issues rather than STEEL MILL OWNERS.

Altaf Lutfi

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Food security must be top priority on national level. KPK government should be appreciated for focusing on that. Two major concerns must be taken care of . Certain lobby in Islamabad is hell bent to promote the idea of genetically modified seeds. Legislation is under consideration but nobody is learning a lesson from Indian results. These seeds require lot much water, reduce land fertility fast and the worst is that seeds from one crop can't help the next. You will need to go back to dealers for new seeds. In Islamabad, CDA's plan to grab land in use by Agriculture Research institutions shows that a lobby is working on different levels to cripple our food security.

Second concern is smuggling of food grain to Afghanistan which will need KPK administration to be watchful enough. They will need to ensure that their hard work benefits KPK population, not the smugglers.