Khawaja Hoti Joins PMLN


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I belong to Mardan and in Mardan nothing will happen if he is in PTI or any other Party because People does not like these NAWABISM anymore and they want change, Acha hy saray mufaad parast aur currup loooog PML (N) main chalay jaey,

PTI ke saat Pakistani awaaam hogee aur youth insha Allah koi PTI ko nahi hara sakta aur Mardan main Khwaja Muhammand khan hoti ko PTI ki ticket milna be possible nahi tha party election ki waja.

In mardan haider hoti has done a lot of development projects..and as for khwaja hoti...people of his constituency really like him.what do you say? btw i support pti.

Hayat Afridi

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[hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar] Khwaja hoti PTI main ho ya na ho PTI ko asar nahi paray ga because People of Mardan doesnt like this Khwaja hoti and want to change, ess se PMLN kia stronger hogeee :lol::lol::lol::lol: joke of the year.

Hayat Afridi

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Compare to Khwaja Hoti people like Haider Hoti but because of Haider Hoti father Azam Hoti, people do not like Haider Hoti too. They recruit only ANP people in public sector jobs, no marit, no justice and i believe if PTI give ticket to the right person then PTI will win insha Allah.


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Now it is time for Makdoom Kusroo baktar to be in range of PTI garbage language because he is going to join PML N. After his joining PML N team for RYK will be complete.