Khabar Naak - 10th April 2011 - Sardar Sahab Special!!


I know this couple that are married they had a great age difference the lady was in her 40s and the men in his 60s


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Hum kese log hain.
Apni har ghalti ka har buraee ka ilzaam doosroon ko de detay hain.
Fashion indian media ne diya hai tau hum kia bandroon ki qaup hain k
jo dekha us ki naqul shooru kar di. Sharam karo.
We are Kafiroon = we are in a state of denial.


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It is as ever very good show ! I am as well against the decision of desolving the higher education comission. This revange and punitive measure, which
is very unproductive.
I have many friends from india even one from Bombay (Mumbai) and I personally have visited many Internationals fashion Fairs Paris, Dusseldorf and
Frankfurt. Many things are only to show something is not for mass population. Similarly, indian films are only to enjoy on the screan ( fiction thoughts)
not to adopt as a reality. One more example, our people think, in europe you get lot of money and the girls are waiting for you ! The reality is quite
different. Here the people work very hard and foreigner gets hardly work, where as the girls even dont sit next to you as perhaps thought in the trains, bahns etc.