Kashmir sold by Generals+PML N. Kashmir ministry closed


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PDM1,PDM2 and generals didn’t allow any protests against Israeli genocide in Palestine.In western countries millions of people mainly non-Muslims have been protesting every week from the day the Israelis started bombing.Dollar generals and their puppets of PDM2 have issued muted statements only.The cowards seems to have abandoned Kashmiris.They don’t want to upset their masters in Washington.Pakistani ambassador to US was begging for rifles and night vision goggles from US a couple of weeks ago.The moron humiliated Pakistan.US will only give weapons and dollars if it is in US interest.

Fawad Javed

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MInistry of Kashmir affairs closed. They have sold and given up on Kashmir. Slowly and gradually they are coming out and showing their true face. Tens of thousands of martyrs gave their life for nothing.
Theek kea hai, waesay be kon sa koi kaam ker rahi the ministry
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