Kal Tak - March 24, 2010 Governance in Pakistan


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Minister (2k+ posts)
Re: Kal Tak Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank you javed chadhry,you have done well by telling the govt in a very nice way that they are not doing their job properly and the govt knows that but dont want to do anything about it either they dont want or they dont know how to do it efficiently. The whole blame goes on PM and president not to control the situation in the country.Why the poor people pay the price on the expense of rich people who dont pay the proper taxes. This ignorant govt should expand the base of tax payers and collect the taxes according to their income.I bet 100% that not a single minister is paying the right amount of tax according to his income.Then come to the business people,get the FBR organised and bring the honest persons to collect the taxes.For property taxes,there should be an assessment deptt who appraise the vaue of the house and municipality or province whoever impose the property tax just put i% tax on the appraisal value of that property,"No favourtism". Even Hilory today said why people in pakistan dont pay their fair share of taxes if they do,pakistan dont have to beg other countries for help.But when people in govt are corrupt themselves then what we can expect.92 ministers and advisors,zardari dont want to listen any suggestion because he is friend of friends so he have to patronise them.Dont want to cut the expenses and no govenance then we have to face the consequences."WELL COUNTRY IS FACING IT NOW".