Kal Tak - 22nd March 2011 - Haider Abbas Rizwi, Fareed Paracha - Special Programme From Minar e Pak

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Sorry Zaid sahib,I was supporter of the PAK ARMY but the recent events in the country the role of the ARMY is not humaliated but also
sceptical.It seems that the army is not for the people protection but they are there to kill innocents PASHTOONS.This is not our army
but looking they are americans poodles.time has come to draw a line to these poodles.Look at the supreme court,army does not come clear to side with the supreme court to implemnt the decisions against NRO and other cases.The Army has still eyes on the future coup.Thats the reason it does not support the supreme court in his decsions.And supreme court has the fear if no one comes to help the supreme court then chief justice has to resign thats why supreme court is a bit reluctant to press hard the govt .