Jahangir Tareen, Shah Mehmood Qureshi seem ready for PM slot: Javaid Hashmi


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Ye cho...tiya budha pehle bola army hai ab bolta hai army ko pata nahi. Is chuti...ye ko pathar maro multan ke logon.


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It seems whatever he said was given in written form to him,

Now he want to get the sympathy of some PTI workers... but i am afraid he will further misuse it.


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It seems whatever he said was given in written form to him,

Now he want to get the sympathy of some PTI workers... but i am afraid he will further misuse it.

He wont get any now... too many contradicting statements have exposed hashmi..the more media limelight he gets the more trust he loses and the more bad he looks..
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Check the video of IK speech when he praised SMQ on the day when his house was attacked in Multan by poomy butt.
Ik had given glowing tributes to SMQ that day and you should have seen the color of Javed Hashmi who was standing on left side of IK on container. He felt humiliated.
He could not digest SMQ praise and felt jealous. He is ONE dirty politician. PTI better off without traiters like him.


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shah mehmood has better performance inside and outside parliament. however, he has a peeri mureedi background, othwreise he has also studied from england.


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so now nothing is scripted
Then why did he say before that imran had said that Army and courts were with us

More he talks more contradictions arise

Sometimes stroke may cause dementia....
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جھلا ہویا پیا ، ایہنوں معاف کرو
جد آرام کرن دہ ٹیم ، آئے کوٹھے چڑ بانگاں دیندا پریندھا


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سکرپٹ اور کالی دال
ھاشمی صاحب میں نہیں کہتا دال کالی ہے یہ تاثر ہے کہ شاہد دال کالی ہے۔ نہیں دراصل ایسا سننے میں آیا ہے کہ دال کالی ہے۔
نہیں وہ ایک دفعہ عمران خان صاحب نے مجھے خود بتایا تھا ہاشمی صاحب دال کالی ہے۔
اصل میں وہ دال کالی نہیں تھی وہ زرد دال تھی جس کو سب کالی سمجھ بیؔٹھے تھے مجھے بھی لگا کہ دال کالی ہے۔ جب کے دال کے فرشتوں کو بھی خبر نہیں کے وہ کالی نہیں تھی اندھیرا ہی اتنا تھا اب اندھیرے میں ہر چیز ہی کالی نظر آتی ہے اس میں میرا کیا قصور میں نے دال چیک ہی رات کو کی تھی۔ اب پتہ نہیں وہ کالی تھی بھی یا مجھے وہم یا شک ہو گیا تھا۔ چلیں دال کو گولی ماریں ہمیں دالیے کا رنگ تو پتہ ہے رنگ کو بھی دفع ماریں ذائقے سے ہی پتہ چل جاتا ہے ویسے ہے بہت مفید چیز بدہمضی قبض کشا بھی ہے ورنہ آپکو تو پتہ ہے ایسے میں دال دالیے بس چلتے رہنا چاہیے سب کا ورنہ ہنڈیا ٹوٹ بھی سکتی ہے امید ہے اب سب کو واضاعت ہو گئ ہے دال کالی نہیں تھی دالیہ کالا تھا اب بھی کچھ دن بعد کچھ ابہام ہے تو میں وضاعت پیش کروں گا آپ گرل چیکن کھایا کریں فحال دال کو بھول جائیں۔ دہی اچھا ہوتا ہے جب دماغ کا بنتا ہے تو ۔


Javaid Hashmi Continues to expose Imran Khan


MULTAN: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf President Javed Hashmi has warned that the country can disintegrate if another martial law is imposed.
Speaking at a press conference here on Sunday, the disgruntled politician claimed that Imran Khan had told him that martial law would not be imposed but the Supreme Court would dismiss the government.
He said Sheikh Rashid had told a television channel in an interview that army generals would appear before the court and get the decision of government dismissal from the judge.
“There is no such provision in the Constitution which allows the Supreme Court to dismiss the government and announce interim set-up besides issuing directions for new elections within three months,” he said.
He said the country could face rebellion if martial law was imposed. “I would not say that the current political impasse is part of the script; however, some retired generals are in haste,” he said.
He said Imran Khan had told him that the apex court would announce new election within next three months. He said he could divulge much more information if the Supreme Court summoned him.
Mr Hashmi further claimed that retired Gen Hamid Gul had called him on phone one week ago and informed him “it is the last night” (of the government).
He said Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Saifullah Niazi and Jahangir Tareen made frequent visits to Rawalpindi. He said he would ask the core committee members to “look into my eyes while speaking over my stand.”
He said he was waiting for a show-cause notice from party chief Imran Khan and would give an appropriate response in writing. He said he had informed Imran Khan that Nawaz Sharif would not resign.
“It’s shocking for me to see Imran distort facts,” he said while asking him to give up any hope that elections would be held after three months. “They will not be held in 30 months,” he said.
He urged the government to release all the arrested workers of the PTI and the Pakistan Awami Tehreek.



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Re: Javaid Hashmi Continues to expose Imran Khan

Love you Hashmi Sahib. Aik Bahadar Admi Hashmi Hashmi