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I can not understand why IK not yet any demand with Taliban , they should do this or that. Before negotiation what he demanding with Pakistani state then what left for negotiation . If Taliban attack on us should not be hurdle in talks then why our response can be hurdle.If some militant fire on police , military in Lahore, Delhi or Paris what will be the response of them ? they will over react , chase them , with full strength they will attack on them so why not with Taliban . If you remember in 90's MQM mistreatment of Major Kaleem was the starting point for operation against MQM. There is a possible answer , We already doing this last 9 years . Unfortunately reality is different. We always did double game because we were thinking they are our friends . Of course to continue his power Mushraf transfer some Al qaida leaders but always we secretly support Taliban . One thing must be clear that military can clean this area in six month problem are not Taliban but mindset exist in media , judiciary and military who think that Taliban way of life should apply in whole Pakistan also . most of them are sincere people but they are in minority and instead of convincing pak people they trying to do this by guns and bomb . With these demands You are going to create a independent state in FATA , may be you can call it Islamic state but it will independent with Pakistan .If it is in your mind go head but with clear vision of outcome of your suggested steps . Lastly try to understand this is not election campaign . this is not the matter just about any party but for our fragile state . we all should try to save it in one piece. every political worker from all parties should think above party affiliations but as independent thinker. we are not just followers or mureed of some leader.
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Bahi ji Aap khush fehmi main mubtila hai, TTP is not an army nor they have any Headquarter,
that you can capture.

TTP are in best suitable areas in world for Gorilla fighting, and they are fighting Gorilla war.
No Army including America or Russia is able or trained to win Gorilla War.

IK stance is 100% right, engage them , mark them, isolate them and sort out the Sold out cult or group
go for Final Kill.
For 8 years our Army fought under Musharraf......... Result Zero..... Militancy increased..... Army Leadership Failed

For 5 years our Army fought under Political Leadership..... Result Zero.....Militancy increased..... Political Leadership Failed

What Should we do now......? The whole nation gave Ik mandate to implement his solution to end militancy but his mandate was stolen by international establishment and Nawaz Sharif was installed....

I am 100% sure , Reasonable dialogue cannot happen under Nawaz Goverment.....