Islamabad Tonight - 25 August 2011 - Brig Waseem Ayub - Karachi Operation

khan afghan1

Minister (2k+ posts)
Masood Shareef Khattak is 100% right.Dont run after the operative.Just
target the leadership of the culprits.Where the funding is coming from.
Once you break the funding roots and hang the leadership then these
10 dollars labour will melt away.But if you want just to show that
10000 people of diffeerent groups have been arrested ,so what? Next
day they recruit 20000 more.Dont put the feet on snake head,Just crush the
head of the snake.But no everyone has stake in these killing.Army is not
interested so as politicains.The people will suffer.The only person who can
make it is IMRAN KHAN.
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