Islam and Secularism - Comparative Study


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[FONT=&quot]I heard it, one thing is raise here, why is secularism promoting in Pakistan, Normally allover Pakistani Universities, the text books is teaching of American culture, for the instance: Organization Behavior, Human Resource Management, Principal Of Management & Marketing and so no, In these books, One world is very revise again and again " Culture" American is State where people is living from different culture, it says that we have so many humanity for people and its sentiments.

The picture of Islam, the material now day is preparing in the name of Islam, which is not portrait the real picture of our religious. Our Ummah is not more united; No Doubt ISLAM is last religious which gives all work out of passing the Life. Allah, bestow us, Passing the life according to principles our last Apostle MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H).[/FONT]
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