Is this a good governance or Corruption ??


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Two Huge advertisement on Today`s Express Newspaper.. On tax payer money.


Is this a good governance or Corruption ??


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This is corruption for sure. Punjab Government on paying media for these adverts take gurantee from Media house that IK and PTI will not be given priority in newspaper. Cuz even now more people read the newspaper in PK.

Nooras are the one who sarted bribing the newpapwer and journalists.


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I think some things are missing in the first add:

Shahbaz must say:

"Ihtijaj aap ka haqq aur hamara Haqq hai us Ahtijaj ko Hi-Jack karna"

Because these days Patwaris are not performing their duties actively in gathering people so these ahtijaji gatherings are a new ray of hope to convert them to N league jalsas

Bilal Jee

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buhat he gatiyaa harkat hai
itnay expensive adds dena

ik add ki qeemat 5 lakh hai aur yeh daily her newspaper me de detay hain jaisay in ki kamai hai


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یہ دنیا کا پہلا حکمران ہے جو اپنے گھر کو خود آگ لگوا کر سوچ رہا ہے کے اسی میں اسکا فائدہ ہے ، بیس ارب کے لیپٹاپ تو لے سکتا ہے ، بیس ارب سے بجلی نہیں بنا سکتا