Inside The School Of American Jewish Terror.


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Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq "1,366,350"

Cost of War American Jewish war against Muslims in Iraq & Afghanistan

A senior US general once criticised for saying it was "fun to shoot some people" has been picked to take over US Central Command, leading the military command running the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.Killing Muslims Is Fun..

CAIR today issued an advisory to American Muslimswhether citizens, permanent residents or visa holderswarning of the risk of forced exile when traveling overseas or attempting to return to the United States. Muslim travelers are urged to know their legal rights if they are placed on the so-called no-fly list.

The great satan helping little satan israhell.A New York Times investigation revealed Tuesday that the U.S. Treasury is helping to promote illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank by granting tax exemptions to U.S. groups that funnel money into them. These specific settlements aren't only illegal under international law, but also under Israeli law. Lol

Televangalist fraudster oil snake sales men,known as PREACHERS..SAY
The Evangelicals who "love" the state of Israel would rather see an innocent Jewish or Palestinian child blown up in a rocket attack as long as the "Promised Land" is "fully reclaimed" to fulfill their harebrained ideas of biblical prophecy. With "friends" like the Christian Zionists Israel needs no enemies. a fraud..