Indonesia recalls ambassador from Saudi Barbaria over beheading of 54 year old maid.


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Before you lose your marbles completely, point out where I said that Quranic laws are barbaric??

Alhumdollilah my senses are intact it was not the anger but the agony and the fear that how my brothers can even think of questioning the rules of Allah Subhan wa tallah ... thats why i never said that you did that i said few people on this forum ... those so called moderates and even for them there is no Hate but sorrow. may Allah guide them to straight path.


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Boss, its not good to smoke marijuana ... why not try writing the same in your mother language....
I find your post confusing, what are you trying to say......??????

May be its the feebleness of your mind that is stragged your though process. Relax, enjoy what life has to offer you.
Yes I am against, Saudi King and his Entourage of Fatwa factory Mullahs....not the whole country, I tell you when I snapped....
Its when I saw the Big clock watching over Kabba. Its then I knew some thing is very wrong with this Saudis ......and there Fatwa Factory.

Now be brave and consider this for a change.... not all Sunni love to lick Saudi king you know what.
Its very clear, Saudi do not represent Islam. Lets make this clear. I don't have to type this again and again.

Do not be over zealous in your love for Saudi, they are screwed nation of hoodoos.

Further, my Dear... I have been very patient with you .... and your statements that only show your shear frustration like a child molester
you want to bully your way into any thing good or bad. Your need to correct your attitude ASAP, or else there are ways to muster your abdominal
aroma through other natural holes in your body.

Do not use words that deny your natural existence as a human being.

Oh I am so scared Mole,
Lets see what other ways you have .....
You are too ashamed to call yourself Inian, arn't you


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I thought we can write our own opinions here, too.
In case you demand source: all news papers and tv programs, which i read and saw, most of the swat people were fed up with taliban rule.

It is your opinion but you are getting carried away with false propaganda. They have Afghanistan to play with, not Pakistan. I have never seen them claiming Pakistan is their agenda.

Try to read more independent media than CNN and fox alone. US and Europe public opinion is against their own Govt;s illegal wars and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Try to remember the LIES spoken by Bush and Blair to sell that war, and those lies were acknowledges later. Try not to get your mind tainted by heavily unfair media. There are atrocities committed in these wars which are highly outnumbered by NATO than opposing factions.