Imran's Revolutionary Road: A Rejoinder.


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Imrans revolutionary road: a rejoinder

LAHORE: It should be seen as a vindication of the status of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) as a formidable political entity when a publication prints an article on the partys leadership claim to bring about a revolution through the next general elections. Whether written derisively or seemingly to register opposition to the policies of the PTI, the article published in The Express Tribune, on October 30, 2010, written by Ms Mahreen Khan, articulates the apprehensions of a clique determined to build politics around Machiavellian machinations rather than humanitarian and philanthropic initiatives.
Mehreen Khans critique on PTI chairman, Mr Imran Khans claims to effect a revolution is not dismissed by the party leadership as biased opinion. The PTI acknowledges the right to dissent of each individual which in itself is an inference to the partys visibility amidst other incumbent political parties.
While respecting Ms Khans right to dissent, the same right to rational defence must be provided to the party to put into proper perspective certain aspects of the article believed by the party to be misrepresented.
Setting off from questioning Mr Imran Khans ability to bring revolution in Pakistan, Ms Khans article loses context by accusing him of u-turning and being glaringly inconsistent. If the u-turn is the right to choose a life partner, Mr Khan has neither done a great disservice to humanity nor the tenets of religion. If revolutions are only the prerogative of morally impeccable characters, Mr Khan has always conceded his human weaknesses. Strictly from a legal perspective, Mr Khan was never convicted in any court of the United States.
Mr Imran Khan need not become a cricket patron to show his patriotism to critics like Ms Khan. By admiring Imran Khan for philanthropy, is Ms Khan suggesting that a politicians character should not constitute that? If Mr Imran Khans human weaknesses reduce his political stature, should not his philanthropic acts elevate it? How many politicians in this country have raised Rs2 billion for flood relief?
The writer accuses Imran Khan of refusing to unequivocally condemn the Taliban and remaining silent when Asif Zardari was elected president of Pakistan. Is there an implication in that accusation, that Mr Imran Khan supports the Taliban and Mr Asif Zardari? Conversely, the unequivocal condemnation of the Taliban is an explicit acceptance of Americas hegemony in Pakistan. Furthermore, Khans knowledge of international relations lends him enough insight to reiterate that the Taliban issue cannot be seen in isolation from the US intervention in Pakistans territory.
This country awaits a person who can challenge hegemonic neo-imperial powers. And the challenge to this day has only been coming from the direction of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf.
Omar S Cheema
Central Information Secretary
Pakistan Tehreek-i- Insaf(


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Is Imran Khan the right choice?

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Mahreen Khan’s article “Imran’s revolutionary road” (October 30) is based on facts, though slightly selective. First, life and politics are both about u-turns and changes. For instance, Pakistan’s founder Jinnah did a u-turn when he returned to Pakistan from England after leaving politics for years. His regretful sentiments about creating Pakistan in his final days can also be regarded as a u-turn. One of the reasons life and politics are described as unpredictable is because of uncertainties.
But this reality aside, I believe Imran has not only matured in the past 15 years of politics but has also grown in stature. This is, however, less because of his own endeavours and more due to the extreme failure of the country’s current ruling elite of politicians and the military establishment. There is a nation-wide sense of disenchantment, people are looking for a change and Imran seems to be the only one speaking of radical change. I am not too sure, however, whether he has the guts to lead a revolution. I think he lacks the widespread support needed to pull such a miracle in a deeply divided society like Pakistan. But I think he may succeed as an agent of the change that Pakistan is already undergoing. Sworn political enemies are talking about resolving their issues through dialogue rather than hurling insults at each other. Imran is certainly wrong in a lot of things he does and says but he’s spot on when he says Pakistan, as a state, is unsustainable if the style of governance is not radically changed to reflect the needs of the people. What will happen in the future, no one can predict. So let’s not rule out anyone, including Imran.
Safder Jafri(


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Imran's revolutionary road goes through you
If you join him, he will win
if you don't, he won't


Such lame articles should not be replied to by higher leadership of PTI.

The fact is that Imran Khan is not the better of the lot, but he is actually great regardless of whom you compare him with. Put him against politicians of the west, and he will still stand his ground if not come up shining.

And those hypocritical moralizing critics, where do they stand?


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imran khan is the only visionary leader in Pakistan right now. Tell me if some on else. Let see Zardari, Nawaz, Asfandyar,Altf, mulana they all represent some group of people.
imran khan is the only National leader and international leader in Pakistan. we should vote for imran khan in coming election.