Imran Khan & Waqar Zaka


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kis ___ ne khan ko ye idea diya hai? khan u r not an entertainer, u r a revolutionary. Revolution doesn't require jokers like these, this is a serious issue and you are turning into a show.


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wa g wa.. aa gaya inqalab. har field k chawal imran khan k dost. mubashir luqman, waqar zaka, kanwar dilshad, raoedad khan, khursheed kasuri, jahangir tareen etc. ;)


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ab to PTI ki bachiyon shirt pull karen gi hahahaha
On 28 August, Syrian rebels reportedly took a group of Fijian peacekeepers hostage and later surrounded the encampments of Filipino peacekeepers in the Golan Heights.
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سارے نامی گرامی شیطان ضدی خان کےپلڑے میں بیٹھ گئے ہیں۔


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WTF maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

KHAN should avoid these jokers.

He is shithead

You are so STUPID. I was praying that Ya Allah ! Let Zaka announces the LOTE Recruitment Camp, and this is exactly what happened ! This guy is an engineer from NED University, he is not some joker or comedian ! He will pull tons and tons of crowd for Imran Khan's success. The other so called "sober and decent" dignitaries have failed to bring any crowd with themselves ! Keeping this place full is the one and only pressure under which Sharifs would resign !!!!
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Living on the Edge ... auditions under Waqar Zaka directions !!!!



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PTI Should stay away from these JOKERS and Be FOCUSED on the TARGET !!!!! We do not need these stupid Entertainers and his followers.
I do not understand who introduce this JOKER to IK, because I am sure KHAN is not LOW CLASS who need this kind of person around him.


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Waqar Zaka to host Living on the Edge with Imran Khan at PTI sit-ins in Islamabad

Waqar Zaka, host of reality show Living on the Edge, announced on Thursday that he would be hosting his show at the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) sit-ins in Islamabad.

Zaka had earlier discontinued the show in support of the protests.Endorsing the next season of the show, PTI chief Imran Khan appeared in a video with Waqar Zaka and invited all daring people who have any talent, skill or strength to be part of the show at the PTI sin-ins.
Zaka also announced launching a PTI Book of Records, something similar to the Guinness World Records book, adding that the most daring person will also receive an award from the PTI chief himself.