Imran Khan Dosron Ko Gadha Kehta Hai Ye Khud Gadha Hai, Ye Khud Sab Se Bara Corrupt Hai - PMLN Voter

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People said even worst things about Quaid-e-Azam but he was determined to achieve his goal. Some molvis had even declared him kafir.


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Imran shouldn’t have said this. There’s no point antagonizing these voters. This could be Imran’s ‘basket of deplorables’ moment.


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ان حرامزادوں کا اپنا حرامی باپ 10 سال کے لیئے اندر کیا ہوا، ہر نونی لیگی کتا بوکھلاہٹ کا شکار ہو گیا ہے- لعنت ہے ان حرامزادوں پر


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idiot agar imran khan corrupt hota tu talaq ke bad jamima se billions na le leta ?i dont understand the one who even did not took billions from his rich wife will do corruption in pakistan inorder to earn billions ?


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These idiots should be asked how Imran has done corruption. How many properties abroad does he have?


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Main Imran Khan K alfaaz ki sakht muzammat karta hoon.......... gadhey ki tauheen na ki jaey......... GADHEY KO IZZAT DO..........

Imran the legend

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What a gadaa this man is. First he supporting a crook then the gadaa is defending his wrong actions. He needs schools which plmn don’t give them. To keep them slaves.