Imran Khan = Biggest U-turn Master


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If you are really Pakistan Army then shame on you. You have got nothing to do with politics. Please do not make another IJI or another dumbest Nawaz Shareef.


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Imran Khan July first ko New York mein UN office kay baher protest karega against drone attacks

tumharay walo ki tarah boot polish nahi....


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نورا لیگ کے پے سیل نے پسیوں کی بوریاں کھول دی ہیں اپنے حواریوں کے لئے


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نورا لیگ کے پے سیل نے پسیوں کی بوریاں کھول دی ہیں اپنے حواریوں کے لئے
عمران*اسماعیل کے مطابق پنجاب حکومت نے ایک ارب روپے کا خفیہ فنڈ صرف عمران*خان کی کردار کشی کے لئے رکھا ہے۔


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ان کو موت پڑتی ہے امریکا سے احتجاج بی نہیں کرتے آقا کہیں ناراض نہ ہو جاۓ


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Akal ka andhoon ko koe kya kahey ... Ya he speeech thi jis ki wajah sai joint resolution paish hue qoumi assembly main aur qoum assembly ney resolution pass ki .... Shame un sab pay hai jo assembley main bathey hain perks and privilliges ley rahey hain lakin amal nahi kara saktey apni baat pay ... shame un sab pay jo jhooti baat kartey hain zara sai zati faidey k leya ... shaam un sab pay jo Haq ko dabaney ka leya jhoot ka sahara letey hain ....

"A drone attack killed the first ever head of outlawed Tehreek Taliban, Neik Mohammad Wazir in 2004," Prof Ziaullah at the Government College in Charsadda, one of 25 districts of the border state Khyber Pakhtunkhwa told IPS. "But lately attacks have assumed political dimensions largely due to Khan’s protests."

Those began on Apr. 23 last year when
Tehreek Insaf activists blocked the road to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) vehicles in Hayatabad town for two days. U.S.-led NATO attacks on two checkpoints in Salala Mohmand Agency earlier this year which killed 28 soldiers sparked off mass protests, forcing the government to halt NATO supplies to Afghanistan through Pakistan.

On Mar. 13, the National Assembly passed a resolution against drone strikes in the border areas. Civil society activists are now pressuring the Pakistani government to do more to block such attacks.

The Foundation for Fundamental Rights (FFR), a Pakistan based legal charity, filed two constitutional petitions last week before the Peshawar High Court against the Federation of Pakistan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense among others for failure to stop the attacks on Pakistan.

One petition is on behalf of victims of a drone strike on members of a Jirga (council) on Mar. 17 last year. The second petition was filed by Noor Khan, whose father Malik Daud Khan, head of the North Waziristan Loya Jirga, was assassinated along with 50 other tribal elders and others last year by CIA operated drones.

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جب میر جعفر اور میر صادق اسلام آباد اور لاھور میں بیٹھے ھوں تو عمران خان سواۓ احتجاج کے اور کیا کر سکتا ھے عظیم عمران خان کو پاور میں آنے دو پھر ان ناقدوں کی بولتی بند کرے گا - انشا الله


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Naam tum nay PakistanArmy ka likha howa hay, aur khud ek drone nahin gira saktay to kia Anday daynay k lya itni bari Army rakhi hay jab sab kam hi IMRAN KHAN nay karna hay...

Government jis k hotay howay yeh sab drone Attack ho rahay hain, us government main say ek banda bhi awaz nahin uthata Drone k against aur jo government nahi hay us per hi tanqeed kartay ho sharm nahin ati tumhain.

Baaghairat hukmaraano ko tum jaisay logon nay humare sir per musalat kar dya aur drone karwaye ja rahay ho aur boltay ho IMRAN KHAN rokay. jab Hakumat ko lay kar tum ayey ho to us hi hakumat say bolo k drone rokaye tab to tumhare titar urh jatay hain.

IMRAN KHAN khara howa Peshawar main Islambad main Karachi main Drone k kheelaf pehlay bhi howa ab bhi ho ga aur bar ho ga...tumhare leaders ki tarhan baaghairat nahin hay

Zulfi Khan

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PPP and PML(N) are the two faces of the same coin. These two parties are united against
Imran Khan.
They passed joint amendment to approve bye elections held on fake voters lists.They ruined Pakistan by
their corruption and dishonesty.Geo Imran Khan! Geo PTI! Say Good bye to PPP,PML(N),PML(Q),ANP,MQM
and JUI. be the supporters and voters of Imran Kan for a corruption and violence free Pakistan.


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ijazz s

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no doubt IK is king of U.turns... muk muka khan... youth ko bewakoof smjhta he.. apney peechey laga k wohi ghissay pittay lotay or chalay hue kartoos apney sath bitha liye.. youth ye sb dekh rahi he or smjh chuki he k un k sath behroopiye khan ne haath kara diya he..

Zulfi Khan

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Tsunami is prepared to block the whole Pakistan; it is waiting for Imran khan's orders.
@All the opponents of Imran Khan, you are are in favour of drone attacks and therefore
your parties:PPP,PML(N),MQM,ANP,PML(Q) never took any rally against drone attacks.

Imran Khan already protested against drone attacks in all the big cities of Pakistan,England
and USA.Geo Imran Khan! Geo PTI!

Zulfi Khan

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The people of Pakistan have understood very clearly that Imran Khan is the only leader
in Pakistan who is honest and sincere in Pakistan.The whole media men and corrupt
status quo parties are united to stop the popularity of Imran Khan but their designs will
fall to the ground.

I trust and follow Imran Khan ,and not these corrupt rulers any more.Geo Imran Khan!
Geo PTI! Geo Isalm! Vote for PTI! inshallah.