IHC to hear Nawaz Sharif’s plea for suspension of sentence on medical grounds today


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ایک تو ہر عدالت ان مہا ڈاکووں کی درخواستیں سننے کے لیے تیار بیٹھی ہوتی ہیں۔ کسی عام آدمی کی ضمانت کی درخواست کا نمبر تو کئی سالوں میں بھی نہیں آتا ۔۔


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Today all Noonis on Jayenamaz.
Allah the most corrupt PM to be released:
I am waiting Ather Dalla can strike.
He can blink his left eye.

Cape Kahloon

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Phaly sub bemar qadeoon ko raha kro pher ess chor ke zamant ke darkhwast sunao.
Yeh haram zada assman sey ne utra ha.


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Noora is also puppet of boot-walas. At the end he will make deal and leave Zardari behind to suffer in Jail.

Bhuttos are the only ones who can stand to protect democracy and freedom of Pakistan.


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Government must not entertain these thugs any further, they looted money, and when they get arrested Government is spending millions on them and treating them as VIPs, it is a joke of justice, or fooling the nation that these goons are under arrest, if every one of them as we see is given what he ask in jail, then change the term of arrest and call them invited by government to spend some time as VIP.