IAF losing edge over PAF - Indian Media


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Another attempt by Indian media to pressure their Govt. to do more to become a super power army.



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As I remarked earlier in a different thread, Pakistan military has done wonders in procurement in limited budgets available to strengthen its capabilities. Comparatively, Indians have wasted billions and decades and still short of having answers.

All those who criticise the army on this forum, should learn. Criticise individual Generals for their mistakes or corruption, I have no problems with it, but be loyal to your country. Sadly, I see many who in their love for their parties, Jamats, groups etc, write things which are not patriotic. I have never seen a population so fractious anywhere in the world.

Wake up Pakistan, enjoy the freedom God has granted you, be thankful and love your country.


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Preparation for some ultimate war methinks!. Never underestimate the enemy so we should take this report with a tablespoon of salt however it's a FACT that PAF has been modernising for a number of years now.