1. Humi

    One Family Losing Their Home Every FOUR MINUTES In Texas Because Of Fire

    Mother Nature is paying a lot of attention to USA these days... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvShE9NJQxE
  2. J

    US losing ground to India and China in maths, science: Obama

    "One of the things I'm worried about and we're trying to put a lot of emphasis on in the Department of Education is, can we do more to encourage math, science, engineering, technology learning... if you are a skilled engineer, if you are a skilled computer scientist, if you've got strong...
  3. mohib

    Isolated Hakimullah losing control of TTP

    ISLAMABAD: Chief of the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Hakimullah Mehsud has been in isolation for more than a year and is rapidly losing control over the terror group he once led with absolute command and authority, his associates and intelligence officials said. Insiders of the dreaded...
  4. P

    i love pak army, pak air force and pak navy coz they r my heroes serving us losing their lives

  5. canadian

    US Losing The War In Afghanistan !!!

  6. maksyed

    The U.S. is Losing Pakistan - Patrick Seale

    The U.S. is Losing Pakistan By Patrick Seale The U.S. and Pakistani governments seem to be heading for a divorce full of recriminations. So great are the divergent objectives and lack of trust between them that Pakistan seems to be contemplating moving out of Americas orbit altogether and...
  7. Geek

    IAF losing edge over PAF - Indian Media

    Another attempt by Indian media to pressure their Govt. to do more to become a super power army.
  8. simple_and_peacefull

    Losing ground: Unprocessed passport backlog crosses 0.25m

    THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE DATED : 5/4/11 ISLAMABAD: Tens of thousands of applicants are being forced to cancel their travel plans as the backlog of unprocessed passports across the country has hit 0.25 million for the first time. The Directorate of Passports and Immigration (DOI) Islamabad...
  9. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    From India losing, our nose cutting the team has

    From India losing, our nose cutting the team has By Sarfaraz Memon Published: April 1, 2011 One fan bets his moustache, another his goat much to their regret over the Pakistan defeat to India. DESIGN: AMNA IQBAL SUKKUR: In the throes of cricket fever, Abdul Ghaffar Brohi aka Chacha...
  10. FaisalLatif

    US LOSING MEDIA WAR: WikiLeaks and 'US media war' in South America

    Source: Aljazeera English Nikolas Kozloff : 26 Mar 2011 Diplomatic cables show the struggle for public opinion between Telesur and Voice of America. The US wants to counter the 'propaganda' of Telesur, which is backed by Venezuela's leftist government In an effort to deflect and...
  11. C

    MS Dhoni After Losing Semi Final :=D

  12. FaisalLatif

    America Losing the media war

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