I was expecting this verdict , i can't understand why PTI was expecting better from JC :- Hasan Nisa


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
Hamari Judiciary ne aj sabat kar dia ha ke wo in choro
aur be..ghairat mulk dushmano ke sath mili howi ha means
Ku..ti choraan na milli howi ha..insaf kahan hona tha..??


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election bhi theek hain... aur military courts illegal hain unko band karaingay. yaar yeh Mulk tou jannat hai haram khori kay liye.


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as expected if it is true? Pti should accept it gracefully, because now pti is on an advantage, why? Whole country knows and also witnessed massive rigging! From here on all symphty is with pti, and they are in win win situation, but one condition remain to be tackled, that will be all out assualt on pti from noon league on their highly paid media, also exact favour has to be paid back by 3 big media houses to noon, get redy pti, major assualt is on it's way or already started. These 3 judges were inducted by ch. Iftikhar in their positions and they did save their retirement plans, they will live a good life hereafter(retirement), it is a closed chepter. Well done pti, don't feel that you lost, you have won over millions of hearts and minds, and it is a moral victory, other way around the corrupt mafia has to live with it....


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I totally agree with Hassan Nisar. Model Town JIT report, and Ayan Ali cases bear witness to the corrupt judicial system of Pakistan. As an American citizen I salute to American Judicial system that nip the corrupt political leaders with out any fear. I am really unclear about the meanings of words " Unfair" and " Rigged". I believe there should be a GLOSSARY developed by our honorable chief justice where he should define what does he mean when uses " UNFAIR" and " Rigged in the context of election. I believe people should start " Sign a PETITION CAMPAIGN" to make CJ realize that People have changed.
At the same time IK should identify snakes in his sleeves, and bounce back by challenging the report with some strong evidence.( Call Dr. Shahid Masood in Court)