I didn't pressurize Aitchison College principal to admit my grandson :- Ayaz Sadiq

it was one of the most absurd allegations ever. The party is accused of extreme power and buying everyone in Pakistan, and all they were doing is pressurizing the principal rather than buying admission staff, hahahahahahahahahaha


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Yar see how these bastrd lying openly in medias??
Every one knew he did this...but..be..ghairat itnay hain
ke jhot boltey howay zara sharam nahi ati...


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جھوٹا شخص بار بار جھوٹ بولتا ہے , اور اس ایاز صادق پر تو اعتبار کرنے والے کو مہا جھوٹا کہیں گے
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