How much these vultures will..................Baray Mian tou Baray Mian, Chotay Mian Subhan Allah!


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Rehman Malik, Minister Interior, is alleged of grey telephony revenues, causing Pakistan a direct loss of Rs. 30 billion a year, in a report published by The Dawn today. Dawn revealed that one of the leading beneficiaries of the grey, Rodcom Europe (now being renamed as Hollywell Solutions) is chaired by Rehman Malik, the sitting interior minister. However, company website says Dr. A. Rehman Malik as its chairman. On other hands, (as claimed by Dawn) Rehman Maliks didnt reply to reporters query for knowing his viewpoint over the allegations.


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DR. A . Rahman

PhD by Zardari University like Babar AWAn
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sarbakaf - Blogger
well he is stupid man ............and they have not robbed pakistan...
this 30 million is just peanuts.............


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Rehman Malik is a declared crook by the govt of pakistan thats why Mr.Zardari put him in his camp. no surprise.

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Will we see a protest about this issue in Islamabad ? Will the awam raise this issue further ?


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all of them are same.....

Zardari or Malik or Babar Awan or Nawaz Shareef or Chaudhry brothers or other corrupt politicians
or Salman Faarooqui or Islam uddin Shiekh or other corrupt beaureaucrates
or Pervez Musharraf or Hameed Gul or Aslam Baig or Jahangeer Karamat or Admiral Mansoor ul Haq or sons of Zia or Akhtar Abdul Rehman or other corrupt army men
or Iftikhar Chaudhry or Naseem Hasan Shah or Abdul Hameed Dogar or Justice Munir or Molvi Mushtaq or other corrupt judiciary members
or Ansar Abbasi or Kamran Khan or Hamid Mir or Rauf Kalasra or Shaheen Sehbai or Haroon Rasheed or Iftikhar Ahmad or other corrupt media persons

sab ke sab aik hi kaam kar rahey hain, no one os better or worse then other, all of them are same.
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