How Much Poison Molana Modudi Has Against Pakistan, You Could Not Imagine.


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the people who believes in Modudism they are the one doing suicide attacks in Pakistan.
Yes , these Jhangvi , Jesh Muhammad and Sibbah sahaba are the extension of Jamat e Shetani.

To I heard first time in my life a person calling himself a molana, with so much poison and hatred ...

Even we dont hate Hindus and American like that , as he is hating Muslims...


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Nutfa e Moududi farma rahey hain
Jo Quaid e Azam bakoul Moududi apni jism per Islam nafiz nahi kar saka
woh Islami kai naam per Pakistan kaisey bana sakta hai

Aur yeah jo Nutfa e Moududi jo abba ji kai saya Islami mai pala hai
Apni shakal ROOZ ayiney mai daikhta ho ga aur kehta ho ga


Sunnat e Rasool pori kar di hai


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I guess Pakistan kuch rich logon ne apne benefits ke liye banwaya tha aur uske liye unhon ne Quid-e-Azam ko use kiya. Mujhe to kuch yahe samajh aaya hai, isi liye Liaqat Ali Khan ka murder kiya aur shayaddddd Quid-e-Azam ko bhi kisi ne poison diya hoga. Jo log Hinduon ke beech mein rehte the woh to aaj tak India mein reh rahay hain aur jinhain kisi ka dar nahe tha jo already sab muslims saath rehte the un pagalon ne Pakistan banaliye, yeh kiya scene hai???


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jaisa baap waisi aulad.baap snake,aulad sapoliya,
[HI]You must have watched this program...[/HI]

But did you notice , how much poison has Farooq Haider Modudi , in his heart , against Pakistan !!!

It is all injected by his father. It is same thing that your child could tell the geust every thing about home, just in his innocence...

and it tells how Modudi and his family and his party could not behave sincere with pakistan...

Modudi' and his followers and his next creation are all belong to Kharji group.

Thats why lots of people like Dr.Israr left him...

[HI]Specially this Son , is ??????? ? ???? ?? ???

Could a muslim do so much hate with other Muslims? Is it Islam they learn?

How We call him Molana ? and follow him?

NO , this not Islam[/HI]


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I guess Pakistan kuch rich logon ne apne benefits ke liye banwaya tha aur uske liye unhon ne Quid-e-Azam ko use kiya. Mujhe to kuch yahe samajh aaya hai, isi liye Liaqat Ali Khan ka murder kiya aur shayaddddd Quid-e-Azam ko bhi kisi ne poison diya hoga. Jo log Hinduon ke beech mein rehte the woh to aaj tak India mein reh rahay hain aur jinhain kisi ka dar nahe tha jo already sab muslims saath rehte the un pagalon ne Pakistan banaliye, yeh kiya scene hai???
sahi kehtay hain,bewqoof k seeng nahi hotay,jis tarah aap k nahi hain,aap ko pata hi nahi liyaqat ali khan bohat baray jageer dar thay,lekin pakistan k liay sba kuch chor diya,


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Yes , these Jhangvi , Jesh Muhammad and Sibbah sahaba are the extension of Jamat e Shetani.

To I heard first time in my life a person calling himself a molana, with so much poison and hatred ...

Even we dont hate Hindus and American like that , as he is hating Muslims...
i agree with u

M Ali Khan

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Home and madressah education, knowledge of Arabic, vast study of earlier texts on Islam and almost no exposure to modern education, yet ability to write colorful language, playing with high sounding words and experience in journalism was his qualification. A body of obscurantist literature, superficial in character, with almost no relevance to the demands of a modern and progressive lifestyle was his contribution. A prolific journalist rather than a scholar, he wrote with great speed to feed his eager readers. He was well-versed in employing the power of the written word, the ability which, on the one hand has positively contributed towards bringing about numerous cultural and intellectual revolutions in human history, and many a times it has played havoc with the growth of human consciousness. When the disconnect between fact (read ground reality) and fiction (read ideology) becomes apparent, either the fiction dies down, or the “sanctified” fiction is cleverly exploited in one’s own interest. The philosophy and writings of Abul Ala Maududi, his followers and their conduct in real life is a classic case of ideology in the service of vested interests.

By 1938 he was against the formation of political parties, but in 1941 he had a change of heart and Maududi founded Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), with the prime objective of setting up of a kingdom of Allah in total rejection of secularism, democracy and nation-state where private and public sphere of man’s life would be governed by the principles of Islam. He considered them sinful and called for the total boycott of secular structures like the parliament, army, courts, educational institutions and government jobs. However his party later contested elections for the parliament, collaborated with the army, filed petitions in courts and penetrated into educational institutions and the government, setting their earlier ideology aside. Similar to Muslim Brotherhood, the JI focused on middle class professionals and state employees rather than traditional mullahs.

Although Maududi opposed Jinnah and a separate state for Muslims, however, he moved to Pakistan with some of his followers. Initially he advocated the religious-cum-spiritual revival of Muslims who would not aspire for power and lead by example. But as he had witnessed the strength, religion wields in grabbing political power through mass mobilization, as experienced in the creation of Pakistan, he changed his political philosophy. His new slogan was “The Country is God’s; rule must be by God’s law; the government should be that of God’s pious men.” The “defense of Islam” in an “Islamic” state was thus the bedrock of JI in the years to follow. Soon after the Partition, the JI began to pressurize the government to frame an Islamic constitution. The JI labeled leftists, secularists and ethnic nationalists as anti-Islam and non-believers. In 1953, the JI incited and carried out attacks against Ahmadis. The murder, looting and arson resulted in the deaths of 200 Ahmadis. The story was repeated in 1974 which culminated in declaring Ahmadis as non-Muslims. Through his influence over Ch. Mohammad Ali, the then PM, Maududi was able to include the Objectives Resolution as the preamble to 1956 Constitution and the first Muslim country to be named “The Islamic Republic of Pakistan.”

In the beginning, Maududi was critical of Pakistan’s alliance with the US but then focused on combating communism. The JI received money from Saudi Arabia and Saudi-sponsored Rabita al-Alam al Islami for global outreach, particularly areas under communist influence. A Dar-ul-Fikr was set up in Mansoora, the JI headquarters at Lahore in the late 1960’s to publish accounts of communist oppression of Muslims. Urdu Digest, a publication by JI affiliates, was focusing on liberation of co-religionists under communist control. Interestingly, in February 2009 a seven member delegation of JI led by Qazi Hussain Ahmed visited China. At a meeting with Vice-Chairperson of National People’s Congress Tali Waldi, Qazi said that the Sino-Pak friendship was immortal and would continue to deepen with the passage of time. Ayub Khan, who had initially deleted “Islamic” from Pakistan’s official name, added it later under pressure from the mullahs. Since PPP was socialistic while Awami League was a secular party the JI, fearing popularity of the two major political parties, was spearheading a campaign by 1969, for protection of Islamic ideology declaring that Pakistan was under threat from atheists, socialists and secularists. In the same year JI and Intelligence Bureau sponsored ulema, signed a joint fatwa declaring socialism and secularism as Kufr. In 1970 JI-sympathizer General Sher Ali Khan, Federal Minister for Information & Broadcasting and National Affairs during 1969-71 purged state and privately owned media of leftists and secularists. These were then replaced by JI cadres. In the 1970 general elections, the JI won just four seats out of a total of 300.

General Yahya’s military regime gave the JI a semi-official role in the former East Pakistan to act as the intelligence network for Pak Army, while it was part of the “military sponsored” six party alliance of Islamist parties in East Pakistan called United Coalition Party.

In May 1971 the JI and Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT), its student wing, were part of a 50,000 strong, “army engineered” razakar (volunteer) force comprising Al-Shams and Al-Bader which acted as army’s death squads. In addition to killing of tens of thousands of nationalist Bengalis, Al-Badar reportedly killed 10 professors of Dacca University, five leading journalists, two litterateurs and 26 doctors in Dacca alone.

When Bhutto assumed power on December 20th 1971, the JI burned his effigies in Lahore and declared the day as “black day.” When PTV showed surrender ceremony in Dacca, the JI led public protests, describing it as an attempt to humiliate the army. In 1973 the Amir of JI appealed to the army to over throw Bhutto’s government due to its inherent moral corruption. Despite being Islamist and declaring secularists as kafirs (infidels), the JI joined hands with Bhutto’s secular opponents to achieve the goal of political power. In the early seventies, the JI launched a campaign called “Bagladesh Namanzoor”to destabilize Bhutto and to absolve the army of blame for the loss of country’s Eastern Wing,

In 1973, Burhanuddin Rabbani, a Maududi inspired Afghan cleric, fled to Pakistan, and was hosted by the JI. Thus began a partnership between the JI, the ISI and the Rabbani group.
When Zia overthrew Bhutto in 1977, the JI distributed sweets in streets of all major cities.

Maududi later supported Zia’s regime by endorsing his Islamization initiative. Zia ul Haq met JI Chief Mian Tufail Mohammad for 90 minutes the night before Bhutto was hanged. The following day, the JI supporters took to the streets to celebrate Bhutto’s death. Although the JI’s constitution prohibits coming into power using underground means, yet the JI was part of Zia’s cabinet holding the ministries of Information and Broadcasting, Production, Water and Power and National Resources. Professor Khursheed Ahmed, a JI ideologue, headed the Planning Commission to draw up plans for Islamizing the economy. The JI also supported Zia-ul-Haq’s referendum held in 1984.

Qazi Hussian Ahmad while supporting Zia’s Hadood Laws argued that woman were emotional and irritable, with inferior faculties of reason and memory hence their testimony in a court of law should be discounted. Women can be bracketed with the blind, handicapped, lunatics and children. However , later, Qazi got his own daughter Samia Raheel Qazi elected to the parliament. The JI later became the pillar of Zia regime and his “Islamic” state. In 1979 when Maududi died Zia attend his funeral.

In 1988 the ISI assembled a coalition called IJI of Islamist parties to serve as the army’s proxy in a controlled political system. The JI was the frontrunner in the ISI-sponsored IJI. The JI and its weekly Takbeer, during the 1988 election campaign ran photos of Benazir and her mother dancing with President Ford. These were even airdropped over the city of Lahore using aircraft from Lahore Aero Club. This was with the full collaboration of the ISI. Qazi Hussain Ahmed, the JI Chief, after her victory declared her a decadent western woman and a risk to national security.

In 1989, when the ISI forged an interim Afghan government in Peshawar, the JI recognized it and held rallies in its support, although it did not have a single Afghan city under its control. When in 1998 Mast Gul a militant Kashmiri militant came to Rawalpindi, a rally was jointly organized by JI & ISI which was shown on PTV, where JI openly condemned the Bhutto government and called for Jihad against India.

In the early 1990’s JI & ISI-backed Hizbul Mujahideen began “Jihad” against JKLF, liquidating them in Indian Administered Kashmir. By the mid-90’s, the JI was openly recruiting ‘volunteers’ for the ‘Kashmir Jihad’.

In 1996, the JI began a campaign demanding Benazir Bhutto’s ouster. After a series of unexplained bomb blasts, sectarian killings, and mysterious murder of Murtaza Bhutto, Benazir’s government was dismissed on November 5th 1996.

The JI also welcomed Pervez Musharraf when he toppled a democratic government, however, when he was not found much accommodative, the JI turned against him. When in 1999, Vajpayee came to Lahore, the JI threatened to block Vajpayee’s bus route and held street demonstrations all over Lahore. Nawaz Sharif planned to arrest Qazi Hussain Ahmed ahead of the agitation yet he could not, as Qazi was staying at the home of an official of the military intelligence.

Although the JI and IJT enjoy little popular support yet a highly structured system of committed cadres is JI’s mainstay. Continued indoctrination and deep penetration among various sections of the society characterize its organizational strength. From trade unions to teachers’ associations to women wings to charities, the JI is active. The JI and IJT workers would threaten and blackmail anybody from university administration to Railway Board, to newspaper owners and even the governments of the day.There are countless incidents where university teachers have been thrashed, students terrorized, offices of newspapers ransacked and mass protests organized, to achieve certain objectives. They act unscrupulously when it comes to vested interests.

Typically wearing a beard and a shalwar kamiz, appearing decent, advocating good conduct and preaching ethics, but in real life, they would write obnoxious anonymous letters to the parents of a liberal female student ,threaten and pillage the office of a state functionary for taking disciplinary action against an employee belonging to the JI, bring people on the streets to protest against initiation of music classes in the university, forcibly occupy hostel rooms and all this in the name of Islam, yet would accept dollars, riyals and rupees in bulk from the USA, Saudi Arabia and the deep state respectively, again, in the name of Islam.

They saved tons of US dollars but also tried to save US enemy No.1 Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, the mastermind of 9/11, who was arrested from the residence of a JI leader in Rawalpindi. They would oppose military dictators, feudal lords, seculars and communists if they do not serve their interests, yet would support all of them if they do. They have the license to label something Islamic or un- Islamic and see which label carries greater opportunity to exploit. The expression “Islamic opportunism” aptly describes the conduct of this entity which has significantly contributed to our present day plunge into a bottomless ocean of retrogression and bigotry. Maududi is long gone but his legacy continues to haunt all those who aspire for a liberal and progressive Pakistan.

M Ali Khan

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That being said, Farooq Maududi is NOT COMPLETELY WRONG.

Remember that despite the creation of Pakistan, and two nation theory etc, INDIA STILL HAS MORE MUSLIMS THAN THE WHOLE POPULATION OF PAKISTAN!!

There are more Indian Muslims in India, then there are Pakistani Muslims in Pakistan. And it will remain such forever.

So if Pakistan was formed for the Muslims of India, why are they still Muslims in India (most of whom refused to leave their homes for Pakistan!)??

Remember that Pakistan was formed thanks only to the MUSLIM-MAJORITY PROVINCES of British India that became East/West Pakistan.

The Muslims in the middle remained there mostly, except the ones in Punjab, Bengal, and near Delhi who were forced to migrate.

Pakistan had a non-muslim population of 20-25%, now it is only 2% left.

see the video, Farooq Maududi is a lot saner than his crazy father and raises some important points about what Pakistan was supposed to be and what Pakistan has unfortunately become in the name of religion!
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Moudodi was a psycho drama. He didnt understand the significance of a state in Islam. He wanted muslims to be a minority in their own home. Father of Moulana diesel mufti mehmood was also a hindu lover. Afsos ye he ke in dono sheitan sifat tehrikein aaj Islam ke naam pe Pakistan ka khoon choos rahi hein. Jamate Islami and Jamiat uulame Islam, darassal Islam ka naam istemal kar ke awaam ko bewaquf bana rahi hein, aur Pakistan ki jarho ke sath deemak ki tarha chimti hoi hein.
In mein agar thorhi si bhi gheirat hoti to bharat ki visa apply karte aur daffa ho jate apne aqaoun ke ghar. Yahan kya lene bethe hein. We dont consider these traitors as our countrymen, they are hidden enemies within our country.
Androon-e-khana ye saanp humein dasne me masroof hein. Fake taliban ko create karne mein CIA ki bharpoor madad ki he in logo ne.

In jese logo ke naam ke sath molana, allama, mufti waghera lagana bilkul ghalt he. In hi jese ghatya sifat aur tangnazar ghadaro ke bare mein Allama Iqbal ne kaha: " Mulla ko jo he hind me sajde ki ijazat....nadaan samajhta he Islam he aazad".

Pata nahi in ki ragoun me barhaman ka kitna ganda khoon dorh raha he jo 64 baras guzar jane ke baad bhi in ki nasal Pakistan ka namak khane ke bawujood ghaddar ke ghaddar hi rahe. Pata nahi barhaman ke ***** khoon me kya asar he ke musalman hone ke bawujood kissi palto ki tarha un ki wafadari ab tak nibah rahe hein.
May Allah clean our home from such Mir Sadiq and Mir Jafars.



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Its a big lie that India has more muslims than Pakistan. When Pakistan was created ( West and East Pakistan) their were more muslim population in Pakistan than India.
Still today only 11-13 percent of indias population are muslims. They are a weak minority just as they were at the time of creation. Its an easy calculation to count the muslims in Pakistan now and count the muslim population in bharat, 11-13 percent of the total amount.
Second::: Two nation theory dose not mean that either the area has muslim majority or not. It looks like our youth hasnt understood the meaning of this ideology. First of all its called " do qoumi nazrya", nazrya means ideology. So its not "two nation theory" but "TWO NATION IDEOLOGY".

Its a Quranic concept, because according to the Quran... its only two nations in this world. Muslims and non-muslims. Muslims being One Nation are supposed to have their own state, because they are different in culture, conduct, values, moral, family values, art, food, and a lot of other things. Muslims and hindus are actually different civilizations. Muslims created their own separate homeland based on those areas which had muslim majority. Why would someone be against it? Who would be against it? Obviously pro-hindus. Deobandis...because their qibla deoband is in India. Brelwis... because their qibla Braley is also in India.....qadyani......because their qibla qadyan is also in India.

Apno ki nadani aur ghero ki sazisho ne poori koshish ki ke Pakistan na bane, lekin Allah ko yehi manzoor tha...aur Hz. Mohammad Ali Jinnah (R.A) ne wo kar dikhaya jo tareekh mein bohot kam logo ne kya he.... unho ne murda qoum me jaan dal di. Ghulamo ko hakim bana dya. Warna aaj hum logo ke bache bhi RSS ke ghundo ki barchhio se kaate jate. Hindus consider non hindus as untouchables. They consider their own hindu fellows as "achoot". 250 million dallits are considered as achoot.
The last anti-human socio culture left after fall of Apartheid...hence apartheid was a political concept, but the hindu version of this racial discrimination is anchored in their religion. They drink cow urine and consider it a goddess while we love to slaughter and eat it. They pray to shivelingam (shivas sharam-gah) the black oval stone. Do we share any thing with this sub-human civilization? NO... not at all.... 80 percent of indians are black skinny Tamil-like south indians. Humari nasal bhi nahi milti. We are aryans/caucasians and they are dravidians.
Humara food culture nahi milta.... we eat meat and they eat grass.
I dont understand why these khatri lovers still live in Pakistan? The state should confiscate their nationality and send them to Indian Occupied Kashmir or indian gujarat to live under the narrow minded hindu sorrow forever.

In Bhagwat geeta its written " Sapta sindh tak arth he se age bharatvarsha jo he napunsak". Bhagwat geeta and all other vedas were written by aryans who came into the sub-continent and used it as their colony. Sapta sindh is the land around river Indus, todays Pakistan. When aryans had hindu women and they gave birth to their child, they were considered higher since they had half aryan blood. So they were called barhaman. Barhaman are 7 percent of indian population. They have our genes and therefore they are a bit fair in colour and are taller and prettier than the rest of hindu population.

We have always been their masters. First as aryan warriors who came from the east, and sometimes as muslim rulers coming from the west and north. The evolution formed it to Pakistan. Thats why a small Pakistan against a bigger india, but indians still bow their heads for us. they know we ruled them always and they are inferior to us. One can smell their inferiority complex in their cheap copywood movies and their immature media.

La Viva Pakistan


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Prophet Muhammad ? said:"He
is not one of us who calls for Asabiyyah, (nationalism/tribalism) or
who fights for Asabiyyah or who dies for Asabiyyah."[Abu Daud]

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Pakistan was dream of far ahead thinkers for centuries but imperialism was not allowing this and the masses were made to behave like foolish people.

The result was there was not established any strong ideological linkage between these leaders and the masses. The leaders created pakistan in the hope that masses will understand but masses did not even bother to find out what it was all done for ie to give them better chance for success as proper muslims.

Mullas for last thousand years plus were mainly and only and only of imperial mindset. It was therefore very difficult to change hearts and minds of masses. Anyone who said anything against imperialist islam according to which mullas conditioned masses was a target of wrath from mullas and masses at the same time. This keeping of muslims ignorant is still costing us a lot even today. The only answer is education but that does not suit ruling elite so how we can make progress is anyone's guess.

Modudi sb was nothing much different from mullas and masses so he criticised some aspects but became far too much attached to others. The major work was carried out by dr israr ahmed and javed ahmed ghamdi is trying his best to bridge the gap but only time will tell which way things settle in the end.

The best work that can be used as basis is by Ghulam Ahmed Parwez. It is more in the direction of proper islam and less in the direction of mullasism. There are some other scholars who are rising to the challenge but we need to wait and see whether they manage to complete their works or not.

The basic works needed are proper translations of the quran and the ahadith and some interpretations. These need to be purely on basis of islam as the divine ruling system, paying no heed to imperialism and mullaism at all. Once some one has these works in place then others can use them as basis to educate the masses. The while these necessary works remain absent there is little anyone can do to educate masses because all end up reading existing translations and interpretations and concepts as islam and little to counter this misinformation.

This is major obstacle in the way of reformation of hearts and minds of muslim masses. So long as people are made to believe in praying to god and doing nothing else, things are unlikely to change for the better. In fact they have been changing for the worse. It is because reforms for mullas means going back to imperial islam not real islam. This is what modudi did that he led people back to what they were running away from.
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Jo log Pakistan banane ke gunah mein shareek nahin thay , vo Pakistan mein kya ker rahe hain? Doghlay-pan ki intaha hai ye.

Zionist Hindu

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Well only thing that makes me sad regarding partition is that millions of muslims and non muslims were killed for the narrow interest of Muslim league. It was all about power and politics. Perhaps religion was the only tool muslim leadership had at that time to mobilize the population. Jinnah though whisky loving and pork munching himself used religion to further his goals. These tactics are still used in the sub-continent. THere is no point in dwelving in past. It is hard to objectively analyze past as we were not there. If subcontinent was not divided we could have been the greatest country in the world or 1000 time worse than what we are today. Pakistan is a reality and we respect that. Too tell you the truth I am happy now that it happened, we all got what we wanted. Muslims got their Islamic republics. We Hindus and other minorities of India (including muslims) got freedom, democracy and however flawed a secular nation, Where we all have space to thrive. It has taken 50-60 years to consolidate a nation from numerious race, tribes, religions, languages etc. This was a tough journey but I am happy that our leaders at that time had a wisdom and vision. They laid the foudation for our success.Today we are confident of our prosperous and secure life.It is interesting time to be an Indian. Lets wish and pray for pakistan, India and Bangladesh. May we all have a great present and future. I hope sooner rather than later we shall become good neighbours!!!


Pakistan was dream of far ahead thinkers for centuries but imperialism was not allowing this and the masses were made to behave like foolish people.

How do you consider an individual far ahead thinker who consider himself a person of law violates his own Constitution to gain power in that he puts him self in a position so that he can blame his prime minister for any failure.

Why would he keep "Khotay Sikay" ,as he claims, in his pocket.

Why he would attack an Independent state of Kashmir and then lie about it.

Politicians and general are following on his footsteps today.

Explain the reasons that made him ahead of his time.
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