1. famamdani

    Can you guess what Zardari is searching from the sky!!!

  2. hiddensecret

    How big the Universe is ? We even can't Imagine - A must watch please

  3. Raaz

    How Much Poison Molana Modudi Has Against Pakistan, You Could Not Imagine.

    You must have watched this program... But did you notice , how much poison has Farooq Haider Modudi , in his heart , against Pakistan !!! It is all injected by his father. It is same thing that your child could tell the geust every thing about home, just in his innocence... and it...
  4. johny

    Imagine., if Zardari becomes the president again

    It happens when two big names fight with each other and a weaker one wins the game. Both NS and IK are popular in urban areas or northern Punjab. How about Q wins the south punjab and PPP wins the sindh to form the government again.
  5. Adeel

    Imagine how ridiculous the current internet is going to seem in 20 years...

  6. patriot

    Imagine If London Was Occupied by Israel