How big the Universe is ? We even can't Imagine - A must watch please

Saladin A

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Human reason has the ability to know only the temporal world and metaphysical or far beyond metaphysical is an attempt to know the ultimate reality within our limitations of a powerful microscope or an electron telescope. We can not see beyond our five senses and beyond our four boundaries with a naked eye but only discover things with uncertainty. Man discovers but another comes along and negates all previous discoveries as we notice with medical cosmic science. Man is not capable, intelligent and wise enough to discover the Ultimate Reality but just ponder over it. He does not want to understand where he came from and is not clever or intelligent enough to discover what would happen to him after he is laid to rest in a six feet deep grave and left alone to decay. But, there is another level," intuition, qalb" that is unique in its experience and essentially different from other mode of cognition. It is not perception or thought and transcends to the heights of unknown. It negates logical, physical and scientific experiments.

lah taught Adam names, which in real essence means 'knowledge' that he had never bestowed upon any of his creation (mukhloqat) so that when he was to be expelled from 'Paradise', he would use for metaphysical abilities and utilize for survival and pass on to his progenies. I believe that that ‘man’ is born with unlimited inherent knowledge both temporal and metaphysical and all he needs it to tap or kindle the flame of knowledge lying in the depths of his brain cells, and use it for the good of mankind. All knowledge is from Allah and man is made the custodian to extract it.

Through His knowledge, which encompasses the past and the future, God foreknows all causes and all effects. He foreknows who wil have inclinations towards what, and who will attempt to realize their inclinations, and He accordingly ordains what He is going to create in respect of those inclinations. When the time of an event arrives, He creates as He decrees and wills in respect of one's free will, choice, and inclinations. Of course, God foreknows the manner and the moment of a person's death, including if the person was killed. That foreknowledge does not exempt the killer from guilt or responsibility for the crime. Because Divine Will is made taking the killer's will into account, the killer will be chastised.
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “seeking knowledge is an obligation for every Muslim man and woman”.
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