How a fake Twitter handle fooled Saffronists and Indian news channels


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While violence in France is making headlines at the moment, many right wing Hindus in India were led to believe that European nations are now looking up to and taking inspiration from BJP ministers in order to curb violence. No seriously, Many Modibhakts and Saffronists were made to believe that now European experts want to copy tactics employed by Narendra Modi, Yogi Adityanath and other heroes of Hindutva/RSS ideology .

And to make that happen all it took was an Indian who created a fake profile named Professor N John Camm residing in Nuremberg, Germany ; with a Blue Tick. Rest of the task was done by pro-BJP social media accounts and mainstream news outlets.


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عقلمند لوگوں کا تھیسس : بھارتی ھندو دنیا کی جاہل ترین قوم ہے . پاکستانی پٹواریوں سے بھی زیادہ

کسی کو اعتراض ہے تو فدوی سے مناظرہ کر لے
Aur is tarah k jahilon ko "Andh Bhakt" kehtey hain hamari taraf.
...main patwariyon zeyadah is liay samajhta hoon ki ye Qaum musalman bhi hai.
Baqi aap say mokammal ittifaq hai.