Help needed - How to upload facebook video on this site?


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Salam fellows.

Can anyone help me? How can I post videos from facebook.
I tried very much but it only apears a link instead of video. I can post videos from youtube but not from facebook.
Can anyone help me to solve this problem?

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facebook has changed layout..old method does not this video



Hi these steps are not visible properly can any body write these steps on window please or send me message. thanks
Umar Barlas


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[video] type=2&theater[/video]

Raja Naved Qurban Bhatti

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Videos from Facebook

Salam, Can someone please assist me how to add video from facebook on i searched a lot but unable to get anything. Looking for your co-ordination.



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Re: Videos from Facebook

Waalikum o Salam ,A humble request dear brothers ,please use aslam -o- alikum and make it a habit in our routine life rather than just saying "salam", it's so common in our society now a days one says aslamo alikum and we got reply aslam o alikum rather than WA alikum Salam.
bhai meri koi b video ja post facebook pe nazer nhi aat plz help
main koi b video pe upload kerta hon koi b facebook pe nazer nhi aati
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