Hang all people who were provoking public to adapt violence against Pakistan state on Social Media, Print Media and in Student Solidarity March


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Representative "dissidents" of Social Media, Print Media and Student Solidarity March were constantly inciting public to violence and attack against the state of Pakistan.

Today armed gunmen in the garb of laywers attacked a government Hospital, broke down the gate, commenced firing and even burnt down a police vehicle

They beat an elected memeber of punjab assembly and have besieged a provincial minister, demanding her resign.

State of Pakistan should not only hand these bastard attackers but also the facilitators who have justifed such attacks all over social media for months and months of campaigning.

These individuals like B*nd bharood, Raw Agent, mhafeez, King Q should all be expelled from this platform and banned from operating on Pakistani social media for their extremist terrorist mindset and attacks on Pakistan.

These guys are responsible for the deaths of innocents today and the damage done to public property should be recovered from them.