Hamaaray Ameer kitnay aur kaisay ameer hain? - by Munno Bhai

Rana Tahir Mahmood

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koi nai baat nahi awam ki mallon hay sirif ghoosa bar raha hay .. solution nahi hay awam ya sun kar sirif appna nuksan karti hay..ya kottay ya nahi likh rahay
kay pakistan may thori hi sahi koi to umeed hoo gi.. us ko heigh light kareen takay awam ko kuch to relief milly.

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and if we look at the history of many of these RESPECTABLE FAMILIES you will find out that them and their ancestors were loyal to british govt who awarded them alot of land and money. and now their sons and grandsons are ruling us.

Ghaddars all the way through ....if you want to see examples go and check , shah mehmood qureshis family history , bhutto family history , zardari family , chaudhuary family etc


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No wonder The Country is in dire straits.Besides landlords now there is another class which apparentally do nothing but rolling in money.They do not pay taxes.These people have contacts with the big wigs and act as middle men.They rake colossal sums of public money.In every Govt Deptt you will find these people weather it's a big job/contract or small.