Gandhi ,Nehru's and his disciples contribution to civil life in subcontinent.


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Ruination of discipline in society in larger cities in name of Aazadi is a lasting contribution of Gandhi to Indian society ,just as providing a base for permanent Indian Pakistan enmity was one of the two lasting contribution of Nehru , Nehru had a second evil contribution to India , that is to crush private enterprise in India lest money creates a rival ,some strategy which Bhutto followed .

Imran is following Gandhian strategy of civil disobedience of a sort ,along with intentions to destroy private enterprise by demomizing business class like Nehru , he is stepping further , he is encouraging Taliban to suppress Malik class violently .
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Sheikh you have proven to be a sheikh from pindi. This is all crap what you said above.IK is neither Gandhi nor Nehru.Ik is more like Fidel Castro ,MAo ,or Mandela.He has plan,courage .bravery,stamina,fearlessness,and a vision for this nation.


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بات تو کافی حد تک ٹھیک ہے پاکستان میں جرنلسٹ ہیں کہاں ؟ عرفان صدیقی ، مجیب الرحمان شامی ، جاوید چودری اور سلیم صافی جیسے پیسے پکڑ شاہی لکھاری ہیں ان کو اپنے پیٹ بھرنے سے فرصت نہیں یہ قوم کے لئے کیا سوچیں گے


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Difference can be seen..obviously.. No matter they are exterimist etc or whatever you say but..they are Pro Indian, . moodi..etc all are patriots and what we got.. NS..Zardari, ..
so called journalist, living on payroll of their filthy masters, defending them instead of journalism. I dont see any indian journalist anchor bashes their army or RAW but here..
Juma Jumma 8 din wala **** start his day bashing ISI and Army to show his level of intellectual..blaming etc, daffan kardo inko we will be on track soon inshallah.

and yeah.. Journalism ki *****..the Talat, India pushed boundries to Mars per G** laal PTI per just defending NS, some say Zardari, they are the worst gutter of Pakistan. I guess his wife showed interest in IK more than him. his manhood is on line of fire lol I BET!
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Apney Shareefs ne bhi

Heavy Mechanical Complex, Railway Carriage FActories ka jis tarha bera gharaq kiya hia, iss ki misaal dunya mein nahin milteee..

Nehru made IIT in india by that India made billions of Dollar export ...

Nehru Said , I too worship on shrine of science ..

And Sharif family not made a single engineering uni in last 7 years while india made 300 engineering colleges ,,

While INidan PM did very big procession in US history ... Nawaz SHarif also in USA...
cortege by Modi in USA..

Syed Akbaruddin ?@MEAIndia 24m
Some believe that the world changes with the wisdom of the old - PM @narendramodi at Central Park New York.

PM MODI meet with one of the top Indian USA journalist working for CNN and Washington Post , Fareed Zakaria . who also wrote a book , Which is Obama s favorite book,, Close

Fareed Zakaria ?@FareedZakaria Sep 20
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi discusses extremism threat. Interview airs this Sunday at 10 am + 1 pm ET on CNN

Book by Indin Journalist which red by all USA politicians ... While I am sure all paki journalist together can not write single world level book as they are doing just dirty political journalism in pak


Syed Akbaruddin ?@MEAIndia 8h
Huge number of UN delegates line up to congratulate PM @narendramodi after his address to General Assembly.



Meeting with one the Greatest scientist of world... Narander Modi talk with him to work in Indian university ..
Syed Akbaruddin ?@MEAIndia Sep 26
Nobel Laureate Prof Harold Varmus meets PM @narendramodi. Cancer treatment is focus of discussion

love pindi

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بات تو کافی حد تک ٹھیک ہے پاکستان میں جرنلسٹ ہیں کہاں ؟ عرفان صدیقی ، مجیب الرحمان شامی ، جاوید چودری اور سلیم صافی جیسے پیسے پکڑ شاہی لکھاری ہیں ان کو اپنے پیٹ بھرنے سے فرصت نہیں یہ قوم کے لئے کیا سوچیں گے
you forget Mubasser lugman hussan nisar fawad Ch moeed perzada
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