Fruit Vendor from Daska obtains 2nd Position in Matric exams


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[h=1]A star from backwaters[/h]

SIALKOT: A 16-year-old fruit vendor has made his ailing parents proud by obtaining second position in humanities group (boys) in the annual matriculation examination.

The boards of intermediate and secondary education in Punjab announced the results this past week.

A winner of a medal, Daska citys Ali Hamza told a bevy of journalists that he burnt midnight oil to achieve this distinction and was thankful to the Higher Power. He said he would continue to vend fruits on a cart at Chungi No 8 to maintain his family and pursue higher education.

Hamza, who studied at the Government High School
of Daska, said he believed in dignity of labour and the fruit business helped him feed his family and did not create hurdles in study.

After getting my medal and prize, I came back straight to my cart and resumed days work, said Hamza whose parents have medical issues and cant work. The prayers of my parents are always with me and I consider myself the richest person
of the world, he said.

Hamza wishes to become an engineer to serve my country. His family is elated and many people have visited his home and presented him sweetmeat and gifts.

honour the star from backwaters, Ejaz Ahmed, senior headmaster of the school, announced that he would host a ceremony after the summer vacation.

Published in Dawn
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Re: پاکستان میں ٹیلنٹ کی کوئی کمی نہیں

بس میرٹ کی کمی ہے

بغیر میرٹ کے میڈیکل کالج میں پوھنچ گئی بار بار فیل ہوئ لیکن پھر بھی عوام کے سو ارب روپے کے اوپر سو فیصد میرٹ کے ذریعے بیٹھا دیا گیا p

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Re: پاکستان میں ٹیلنٹ کی کوئی کمی نہیں

یہ محنتی غریب بچے مجھے ان عظیم ھستیوں کی یاد دلاتے ھیں جنھوں نے غربت کے عالم میں بھی حوصلہ نہ ھارا اور مسلسل محنت سے خود کو عالمی سطح کے مشاھیر میں شامل کرا کے دم لیا، اللہ پاک ان کے کامیاب سفر کے لیے وسیلہ فراھم کرتا رھے اور یہ مناسب مرحلے پر امریکہ یا یوروپ میں کہیں اپنی جگہ بنا سکیں جہاں معاشرہ ان کو عزت بھی دے اور معاشی آسودگی بھی اور ان کے سادہ دل والدین حاسد رشتہ داروں کے حملوں سے محفوظ ھو جایؑیں، پاکستان میں تو جو اوپر اُٹھنے لگتا ھے، بہت سارے ھاتھ اسے نیچے کھینچنے کو مصروف ھو جاتے ھیں


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shallot ke tajran khasosen Pti ke members ko iss buchy ki education ka zima khud lena chahiye aur apni kisi fectroy ya company mein job bhi frahum kerni chahiye.
Govt sy tu koi taqe nahi.