Front Line - 16th May 2010 - Dr. Pervaiz Hood Bhoy Physics Expert, Dr. Iqrar Ahmed


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Hood bhai is actualy bayhooda bhai/..............hamaisha negative baat kertay hain......choonkeh iss ka islam say taaluq nahi hay.ghair muslim hay iss liay pakistan kay khilaf hay.....jiss tarah american pakistan kay dushman hain issi liay behooda bhai bhi khilaf hay...iqrqr has impressed me a lot...he is realy a scholar....please do not take hood in next programm mr shahiD kamran.


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Very good programe. I totally Agree with Dr Hood bhai. Its not a Joke. I know many people and HEC know about them as well that People are cheeeting with HEC and using lot of money of country. 100 % nice advise by Hood bhai. I was totally agreed with him


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Hood Hood is very stupid I dont know about his teaching ask him anyther question his answer is finished the Islam and Muslims. According to him only Muslims are worst on the earth. I want to know in which country his family and children are living. May the they are under Mushi observation.


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An excellent talk show in a very long time. Being an HEC scholar myself I think that HEC has done great job of sending students outside for PhD. The only thing is that there should be equal investment in the colleges and most important Statistcs should be introduced as a compulsory subject in Intermediate Science. Without basic statistics it becomes very difficult to indulge into research for our students.


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This programme was good and you may allow me to add something for the general viewers. Please be broadminded to listen the critics. We shouldnt be single minded. We have as well very good writer Mr. Hassen nassar he also has said that what has musilms invented for the humanity ?
Please read this article from Mr. Dr. Qadeer Khan ( daily jang 10.05.2010 ) and dicide by your own ?

sometimes the people need fame to defame pakistan or Islam a hidden enemosity or ???
We as well need the principle of demand and supply or we are producing Drs. for what ???
One of my friends told me in germany you get scholarship for doctrate which is very good other wise he was telling me please, please dont come in this country. You will spoil the life where as it was a paradize for the uneducated people !

My personal view that we should organize ourselves and come out of ageritural country. It should be half industrial state. We should take the example of china and try to produce our own mobile industry as Dr.Qadeer Khan Has said in the very first step.

Bret Hawk

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Critical Thinking for Muslim Scholors Through Following the True Spirit of Islam

There are many aspects to address this highly debatable issue that why suddenly after the fifteenth Christian century (I dont agree with Dr Hood Bhoy that Muslim mind became dormant after the thirteenth century) in general we havent seen the great output of Muslim scientists in the world of science and technology vis--vis with their European counterparts. Many points can be cited here but I will make it brief to explain this phenomenon of decline of physical sciences in Muslim world.

One thing we have to retain in our minds that every nascent nation aspires to acquire the knowledge and power as much as it can after facing the unfortunate ebb of their fortunes which might span for some centuries for some nations. Who can deny the ignorance and opaque mentality of Arab clans before the advent of Islam? Fortunately the same phenomenon recurred with those Arabs, who were primarily barbaric, illiterate and ignorant in their personal disposition, and turned virtually the masters of all sciences for whole of the mankind in the next 600-800 years starting from the seventh century Gregorian era.

Then appeared the inevitable decline and internal strife and conflict which engulfed not only the pious leadership of Muslims but also their spiritual and academic masters along side their intensive compendium of research works most famously between first between the Muslim community first in the shape of Shia-Sunni, rationalist-traditional, factional and nationalistic conflicts. The burning of the scholars and their works brutally occurred for example the famous rationalist faction of Islam Mautazila received some horrible atrocities at the hands of those traditionalists who labelled them as heretics and therefore they were doomed to extinction because of such oppressive policies of the rulers of Islamic world in that early part of our history.

Then came the hordes of external conflict in the shape of Crusaders and then the barbaric Mongolians and again we witnessed the destruction and pillage of not only the personal lives and properties of those unfortunate Muslims but the startling legacy of scholastic Islam also suffered immensely. The burning of those great libraries and iconic universities ensued after those external conflicts which was proved the killer blow for the Muslim populace of Asia, Africa and eastern-central Europe. The later hegemony of the closed minded traditionalists stream of Islamic world then made their strangle hold firm on the hearts and minds of those Muslims who were innovative and creative thinkers to the core. Where the factor of Taqlid (Following the religious dogma of Traditionalists without critique) later become preponderant not only in the realm of Islamic Fiqh (Jurisprudence) but also in the spheres of physical and logical sciences such as logic and philosophy.

Now fast-forward to the current era where the modern Muslim mind is struggling to come to the terms of the objective and rational mind of its antagonist European mind is due to the same factor of Taqlid (Blind following of the cruel western ideology). The modern Muslim mind doesnt get his inspiration from the sources of Quran and Sunnah but from the misleading legacies of the west unlike their great predecessors. As the great Dr Muhammad Iqbal has rightly mentioned in his Reconstruction several decades ago that the same kind of revival and zenith in the physical and logical sciences can only be achieved by getting the source of power and inspiration from the Holy Quran and the traditions & methods of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his rightly guided followers in the shape of his companions and then those masters of Muslim Ummah who were the leading authorities of physical and logical sciences of the then world.

No doubt we should compel ourselves to learn a great deal of epistemological objectivity and critical thinking from these occidental scholars of this current world but only by comparing those theories and speculations which do not come in to the direct & indirect contrast of the spirit of Islamic ideologies and dogma. I have no doubt in my mind that the spirit of Islam is enough to propel this Ummah and its scholars to the new age of enlightenment where they could be able to confront the complex issues of those physical and social sciences with perfect objectivity coupled by critical thinking. Right now the proponents (Western minds) of these sciences claim to be saviours of the modern humanity which is nothing but a presumptuous blatant pile of garbage. Only the modern age Muslim intellectuals who could follow the path of Islam in its entirety can free the modern world from its fetters of slavery such as materialism, fascism, racial hatred, bigoted nationalism and ruthless pursuit of self interests. No one else and I repeat no one else can do this great service for the painful humanity of this world except the critical follower of the teachings of Islam.
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