For the First Time in Pakistan's History, A Prime Minister Flies an F-16 in rear cockpit.


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Look at perk of this bloody PM wish that co-flying pilot ejected him in mid air...Flying PAF F-16 need respect & that earned by utmost hardworking not meant for these corrupt & crook mafia
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mubarik Shah

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The actual pilot was taken to CMH after the flight as he started having breathing problems.... it was found that abbasi released too much CO2 during the flight.....


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Army DHA pe qabzey karey aur civilian F16 main bhi bethain?
F16 unka papa ke tax ke pasion se khareda tha?
This crook as every right to assert his authority


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پائلٹ کو چاہیے تھا کہ دو چار کرتب کرتا تو اس ٹیبری عباسی کے ناک منہ سے جاگ نکلوا دیتا


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i hope after robbing pia for air blue . soon he will build his private air force and all these f 16 will be his property inshallah .. good work dako abbasi ..


PM ka father airforce pilot tha, sara maal wahin se banaya gaya hai. baqi ap samjhdar hain.