FBR also started investigating against Hanif Abbasi


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Mian Sahib on traditional revenge....he never forgives...even not his friends.. .

Hanif Abbasi however deserved this....


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اسی کو کہتے ہیں مکافات عمل. اس شخص نے ایک ایماندار آدمی کے خلاف کیس دائر کیا اور خود الله کی پکڑ میں آ گیا. سبحاناللہ


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Still Patwaari league will say Hail Nawaz!

If he has no consideration for his darbaaris, what will he have for Patwaari supporters?

Stupid people

Agree, but i am enjoying the humiliation of the chimp. Ultimately, nothing will come of it, because if he is pushed he will have stuff on Maryam and the Sharifs wont want that to be made public.


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Lohaar use the people like tissue papers. Time to put this tissue paper in trash!!