Faisal Shahzad: NY car bomber or an innocent Pakistani/Muslim wrongfully apprehended

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The next part of the American History !

This film exposes how every major war in US history was based on a complete fraud with video of insiders themselves admitting it.

The next part of the American History !

( problem reaction solution) that have happened SINCE 911.

It all begins in early 90's when Government wants to pass antiterror legislation, only thing they were missing was .. terrorism.

1993 - FBI Helps build and orchestrate the entire WTC bombing, unfortunately... not enough death.s

1994 - ATF Bombs its own office in Oklahoma City, blaming "one lone nut" for some how planting 3 bombs in the building, then building one for a ryder truck and driving it up to the buildings. TWO BOMBS went off, 2 did not. Official story claims only one, because its a complete lie.

SUCCESS, thank god all the federal employees (mcveighs intended targets.. apparently) are miraculously saved and none are hurt. But the day care and civilian workers, not so lucky. BUT SUCCESS, the first cramming of anti terror laws (aka RIGHTS REMOVAL OF CITIZENS) is allowed to take place. In the name of security.

2001 - 911. inside job, success to invade Iraq ,oil......

2001 - SHOE BOMBER, small time crook ends up with military grade explosives in his shoes another "lone nut"

2005 - 7/7 - 1000 people are conducting an "anti terror drill" in which the scenario they are training for deals with the same bombs, on the same trains, at the same stations, at the same time.

Millions of CCTV cameras, but they can't provide us with 1 video of the "terror suspects".
[video=google;8756795263359807776]http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=8756795263359807776&ei=Q1w_SbryFYb-qAP6t8zFCA&q=7%2F7+ripple+effect&hl=en#[/video] (must watch)

2009 - UNDERWEAR BOMBER, wow are you kidding? If the guy had of put the bomb ANYWHERE else, like luggage, carry on bag, ANYWHERE, they would not have full body scanners in their airport. This is another "lone idiot" with absolutely no brains, who is escorted (without a passport) onto the flight by a well dressed business. OF course, no explanation for that either. They COULDNT get full body scanners into the airports prior to that, everyone told them no way. Then they have underwear bomber, no one is actually hurt, but he may as while have wiped out a fleet of aircraft considering the reaction.

When it comes to things like underwear bombers, why the hell wouldn't these guys go buy automatic rifles and walk into the middle of a mall? They could kill way more people, and would have a much easier task accomplishing it... .

2010 -Attempted car bombing in the new york city...Propane and gas tanks in a car, with two clocks.

NOW have to see what amount of rights they will deprive from their citizens or what surprise the muslims will have from all this staged drama.
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no doubt abt this, this is real and he got traing in pakistan.i wonder how long america ignore this.there r many many more r getting ready to destroy america and this world:banghead:


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The guy is a lone nut. Even if a terrorist organisation claimed responsibility, that should be taken with a grain of salt (baitullah mehsud tried to claim responsibility for the NY post office shooting even though the shooter was a vietnamese guy).


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I and many like me would have been extremely disturbed and sad about what has happened to a pakistani citizen and what him and his family are going through. but after finding out that he is the son of an airforce officer. my worries are gone. and i feel that this is a prime example of poetic justice. ye wohi airforce hay na jis ke jahaz ne bombing kar ke NWFP me 80 madressay ke bachay mar diye thay. ye wohi air force hay na jis ne 7 saal apnay logon par bila waja bombing ki. ye wo hi airforce hay na jis ne apnay beses america ko drone hamlon ke liye diye, ye airforce os hi army ka hissa hay jis ne lal-masjid me phosphorus bomb istimal kiye.

aj ho sakta hay inhain pata lagay ke jab kisi par jhoota ilzam laga kar onhain mara jata hay to kaisa lagta hay. khud army personnal kehtay hain ke aam awam or military me faraq hay. aam awam kirday makorday, bloody civilains and military superior form of human beings. well than pakistani's dont worry he was never one of us in the first place. ye mat bholo ke Dr afia or baqi 10,000 logon ko kaisay inhon ne america ko becha tha, ye mat bholo ke aj bhi 800 journalist missing hain. ek air force officer ka beta?? do kiun nahin