Exclusive Video- CM Balochistan Abdul Malik's First Cousin caught on camera sealing votes bags

Saladin A

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Should in Pakistan vote rigging, fiddling and post vote manipulating made legal?

It is so shameful, disgraceful and immoral that all political parties except PML-N agree that massive vote rigging and post vote manipulating happened during 2013 general election and yet they have not have the morality and conscience to condemn the victorious party. In western democracies and civilized countries,if it is found that irregularities occurred in a ballot boxes or boxes; the result is withheld until the police had carried out an extensive and thorough criminal investigation. The culprit is prosecuted and if found guilty of deception and fraud, he/she is banned for life from entering politics. And, if it were found that the winner was involved in any wrong doing with the ballot box, he/she is deprived of victory and runner up is declared winner.

Unfortunately, our corrupt politicians consider vote rigging, fiddling and vote manipulating morally and ethically justified and correct because they it is part of their culture. They think that in an election everything is fair as long you are the winner. The kind of massive and infectious vote rigging that occurred in Pakistan's 2013 general election should be investigated by Supreme Court of Pakistan in collaboration with International Court of Crime and Justice.