European Embassies Plotting to Disturb Irans Upcoming Elections


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Analyst: European Embassies Plotting to Disturb Irans Upcoming Elections

By wmw_admin on September 3, 2011
Fars News Agency September 2, 2011

An Iranian political analyst warned on Saturday that EUs diplomatic corps and embassies in Tehran have prepared a series of plots to stir tension and spark unrests during the upcoming parliamentary elections in Iran.

Today, a chain of all European embassies in Iran have devoted the main pivot of their activities to Irans 9th parliamentary elections in a bid to create a challenge for our security, Hossein Shariatmadari, who is also the editor-in-chief of Irans government-daily Keyhan, stated during a students gathering in Irans Northwestern province of Khorassan Razavi on Saturday.

He further cautioned that the aforementioned chain of embassies is drawing a roadmap for its seditious moves during the March elections through tight collaboration with the same Iranian politicians who stirred unrests after the 2009 presidential election in Iran.
Iran has repeatedly accused the West of stoking unrests after the 2009 presidential election in the country, singling out Britain and the US for meddling. Iran expelled two British diplomats and arrested a number of local staffs of the British embassy in Tehran after documents and evidence substantiated Londons interfering role in stirring presidential post-election riots in Iran in 2009.
In one of the court hearing sessions, British embassys local staff in Tehran Hossein Rassam, who was charged with spying, admitted cultivating networks of contacts in the opposition movement using a 300,000 budget and confessed that the local staff of the embassy had attended protests against June 2009′s presidential election results along with two British diplomats, named in court as Tom Burn and Paul Blemey, and that he had attended meetings with the defeated opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi alongside Burn.
Also, an Iranian deputy intelligence minister said in January 2010 that a number of German diplomats were involved in Tehrans unrests on December 27, 2009.
One of the networks, whose members were arrested on Ashoura day, had contacts with German intelligence service through the countrys diplomats in Tehran, an Iranian deputy intelligence minister said.
The network included a number of young men and women who had contacts with the foreign agents and websites and ran a propaganda campaign via the so-called Green groups, the official said.
The network was linked to German diplomats via a female member who attended their parties and private circles and exchanged intelligence information and news with them on a daily basis, he said.
The intelligence ministry official pointed out that the German diplomats used the said network for identifying intelligence centers in Iran and attracting potential members.
Later in February 2010, one of the detainees arrested during the frenzy in the Iranian capital on December 27, 2009, confessed that some German diplomats had played a direct role in provoking unrests in Iran.
One of the German diplomats distributed green wristlets packed in a bag among the people (on Ashoura Day), the detainee said at the time, adding, It was obvious that they hadnt made them in Iran.
The detainee also confessed that he had sent e-mails to a German diplomat on the events in Iran, and said, After sending an e-mail to the German diplomat, he responded to me with an e-mail, saying You are off the track, we were informed of such news long time ago.
On December 27, 2009, anti-government protesters in Tehran took advantage of the Ashoura mourning ceremonies to chant slogans against high-ranking Iranian officials.
In response, millions of Iranian people took part in massive rallies in Tehran and other cities across the country to voice their strong support for the countrys Islamic establishment and Supreme Leader and condemn insults to Imam Hossein (AS) by those who took to the streets on December 27.



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Last time Irani elections were rigged, many were abducted for speaking against it, threatened for their lives, their families were given warnings. I personally met few iranis who told how information that can "harm" govts reputation, never goes out, strictly guarded and sugar coated in the name of Irani pride and honor. If people are so fine with current govt. Europeans cant do nothing. But the thing is, people dont want this govt.