ECP ko toheen-e-adalat ka ikhteyar nahi hai, Imran Khan ke khilaaf zati ana ka masla bana leya hai


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LOL [hilar]LOL [hilar]LOL [hilar]LOL [hilar]LOL [hilar] What a bullshit u said here :P Mr


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He is right as according to law ECP has no such authority. Only courts are given powers of contempt proceedings.

Imran the legend

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Don't talk rubbish about Imran Khan it's Nawaz sharif that has given you nothing part from slap on the face with no drinking water no schools no hospitals he's his abroad for you slaves he gives you 4 on a bed

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Absolutely right. Its a commission to handle anything Election relation the big feking E in ECP stands for Election. Whats next ? ECP will start hearing murder cases also ?