Do Younis and Misbah even deserve a place in team


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Re: PCB should take action against misba

PCB should take action against Misbah..what he did today is enough for all of us to understand how he is what he did with Pakistan and pakistani nation. PCB should investigate what was the real story. we have lost because of him.

Which PCB? That PCB which is headed by corrupt Ijaz Butt?


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I do not think there is anything wrong with the team. The problem is with the cricket board. Have your ever seen a project being successfull when you have great resources but bad management? Good management can make a project successful even with mediocre resources. Our problem is and has always been PCB and they have always punished our players for their short comings. So many great players have gone behind the curtain becuase of the selfishness of the cricket board. PCB does not do anything. It is the players who run the show. In the era of Imran Khan was have been succesful becuase he used to run the show both on the ground and off the ground.
PCB is not much different from our society. The reins of our country are in the hands of incompitent people, selfish politicians and a slave nation that is always more focused on visible issues and do not try to think, find and eradicate the root cause. Bad project managment.


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Younis, Misbha and Razzaq tenoo bhudoon ko bahir karlo. Us ky sath Karaman Akmal ko bhi bahir nikalo. Ye mafia hy Team ko taba ur barbad kar ky rakhida hay.


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i dont understan y they dont take yousaf look his everg his career everybody who knows cricket cant even think to take him out of team this can happen only in pakistan and secondly i think misabh is good for one day but younis should b out of the one day team


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Re: PCB should take action against misba

PCB should take action against Misbah..what he did today is enough for all of us to understand how he is what he did with Pakistan and pakistani nation. PCB should investigate what was the real story. we have lost because of him.

Yunus Khan, an utter and perpetual failure. Vented his frustration for being out of team and
also the deprivation of captaincy. His overall
performance leaves much to be desired.
Misbah settled account for not being appointed as Captain also for the world cup team.
Pakistanis have manufactured problem, they always keep grudge. So was the case. Even
a child can see the way he played raised many eye brows.
Afridi should and must resign immediately. Younis and Misbah even Razzaq forcibily should be
sent home and retire from all type of cricket.


Re: PCB should take action against misba

Congratulations Misbah Ul Haq for completing 2000 runs in ODI. Mission accomplished.


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Dear friends ................. Same as in the whole country .................... First of all we should from the head of the country ... Like we should need to get rid of corruption, power and source ... real merit must come on top ..... same as in our politics if the head of the state is the biggest criminal of the country what would you expect from the rest of the organisations, departments or the areas of the country of-course you cannot real merit anywhere ........ So once that is alright cricket will also be fine .... as we have a lot of talent in our youth and cricketers ... we just need to give the chances to the one who deserves without any powers, sources or corruptions or likings or dis-likings ...... Then guys .... In cricket Start it from PCB Chairman Mr. Aijaz Butt, Kick him out .... then proceed ..... and finally to the players ..... may be the first one to go is Kamran Akmal, then may be more ..... Start from Mr. Butt ........


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Main ne apni last post main kaha tha,, k hamari team jeet to rahi hai magar iss main champions bunnay wali qualities nahi,,
hamesha se hamari batting ne hamein ruswa keeya,, aur fielding ne,,
1- akmal brothers barey main koi bold fesla lena he parey ga..
2- Muhammad Yousaf ko team main kiun nahi leeya gaya?
3- Afridi ne shoaib akhtar ko match main kiun nahi khilaya?
4- Abdul Razzaq se 5 overs bhe nahi kerwaey jatay aur ussey no 8 per battinh kerwai jati hai, Kiun?
5- Afridi ko ab tak ye samjh nahi aaie k 3rd power play kab lena hai?
6- jab yunis khan out hoowa to afridi khud kiun bat kerne nahi aaya? ya razaq ko kiun nahi ooper bhaija?
7- hamein yunis aur misbah ko sirf test main khilana chahiay,, aur in dono ke jaga young players ko lana chahiay,,
8- abdul razaq k saath hamaad azam ko ab team ka hissa banana chahiay,,
9- abdul rauf ko WI k tour per laazmi team main lena chahiay, he is leading wicket taker in domestic cricket,
10- test main, ODI main, Srfaraz Ahmed ko as a wicket keeper lena chahiay,,
11- T 20 main aap Humayou Farhat se keeping kerwa saktay hein, he is hard hitting batshman, and better than kamran akmal in Wicket keeping.
12- Sab se aham,, Javed Miandad ya Basit Ali ko batting coach ya batting consultant k tor per team k saath rekhein,,


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Kash Kay Mayra Thuda(my shoe with leg) Unn KI kamar TAk Jata (misbah aur younas ki) :P


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Misbah had no choice,everyone failed, as a professional circketer he gave us a chance but razzaq and afridi failed. If Misbah would have gone early it would have been a total chaos, it's not his fault that everyone around him got out. He did start slow he should have kept taking singles on regular basis but didn't happen, pressure builds up in huge games, it's not a one mans game everyone had to play their part, their fielding was PATHETIC, lacked strategy, poor batting from everyone.


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[hilar]1shoaib ko nahi khilaya tu isi waja se 5 out kar giya wahab riaz,shoaib ki jaga wahab riaz khela tha,us ne sabit kiya wo fit hay ,koi logic walay sawal karo,fazool sawal hain saray aap k,yousaf ko Q nahi khiyala,jaisi us ki perfomance thi waisa hi usay khilana tha na,jab team jeet rahi thi,sari team achi lag rahi thi,aik kaam karo aap pakistani team mein chalay jao[hilar]


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[hilar]aap ki logic par Qurbaan jaon,lagta hay aap ne kabhi cricket nahi kheli,jab bara target acheive kar ho tu,donoo end se scoor hoti hay tu target acheive hota,warna dosra player teez score k chakar mein out ho jata hay,umar akmal aur afridi k stah yehi howa hai,agar misbah b single single leta rehta tu un ko b pata chalta schore dono taraf se ho rahi hai

Baba jee

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No. They should be packed forever :133:.
I think Afridi should take the responsibility :doh:. Where is his 100% fit team :angry_smile: ?
Iss ko Shoaib Akhtar ki baddua lay doobi :lol: