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    Waqar Younis resigns for 'personal reasons'

    KARACHI: Pakistan cricket coach Waqar Younis resigned on Saturday, citing personal reasons, but said he would continue in his job through this month’s tour of Zimbabwe. “I have tendered my resignation to the Board last week and the tour to Zimbabwe will be my last,” Waqar Younis told a press...
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    Samaa news's unsuccessful attempt to abuse younis Khan - What do you think?

    semi mein bhi inhoo match fix kia thaaa (cry)
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    Do Younis and Misbah even deserve a place in team

    whether we win or loose, my question is does younis even deserve a place in team even what do you guys think ??my reason are 1:no a single match winning performance in whole world cup?? 2:no a single responsible innings??instead makes team in difficult situation 3:very low total individual...