Do Tok - 10th April 2011 - Ahmed Raza Qasoori & Makhdom Amin Faheem - Bhutto Case Again In The Court

M javed


Aggar yeh case re-open hua toa.

PP phir case lose ker jae gi.

Sirf Supreem Court ke khilaf propaganda kerne ke liye PP ke paas aik aur mozo aa jae ga

PP waloon ko Supreem court main jane se pehle supreem court ke experienced woka-la ka aik penal bana-na chahye tha taa ke mulk ka time aur pessa berbaad na ho.

Shaaed PP wale koi aur shaheed banne ke liye tayyar nahein iss liye porane shaheedon ko phir se shaheed kerne ki koshish ki ja rahi hay.

Uss faisale ko siassi ainik pehn ker dekhne ki bjae - case ki merits per dekhna bohat zaeroori hay ta ke rule of law prevail ho ske.

Mr. Bhutto per abetting ka jurram tha.

Abetting ki saza wohi hoti hay jo sarzad hone wale juram ki qanoon ke motabiq ho sakti hay.

Aik head of executive hone ke baais Mr. Butto sirf abetter hi nahein balke uss qattal ke executor bhi the.

Mr. Qasoori ki file per Mr. Bhutto ke haath ke likhe hue orders iss baat ka sabboot hain.

Aggar abetting ke nateeje main chori ka jurram saabit ho jae toa abetter ko chori ki saza ho gi. Issi tarah, aggar abetting ke jurram main qattal ka jurram saabit ho jae toa abetter ko qattal ki saza ho gi.

Bhato Sahib sirf abetter hi nahein the unhon ne aik special force (FSF) ko qattal ka hukam bhi dya tha. Unhon ne file per apne haath se likha tha "eliminate him" lekan uss action ke nateeje main Mr. Ahmed Raza Qasoori ki bjae unn ke walid qattal ho gae.

Mr. Bhoto ko patta nahein tha keh unn ke likhe hue alfaaz "eliminate him" kitne khtarnaak sabit ho sakte hain. Shaaed wo 'over-drunk' the.

Yeh faisala kerne se pehle Mr. Babar Awaan ko sochna ho ga ke kaheen wo bhoto sahib ki tarah 'over-drunk' toa naheen.

Mr. Babar Awan ko yeh case re-open ker ke mulk aur qoam ka waqat aur pessa berbaad nahein kerna chahye tha.

Behtar hota aggar PP wale sirf Benazeer Bhutto ki enquiry ko hi makammal ker lete.

PP ko iss jurram per zaroor enquiry kerwani chahye ke kya Mr. Bhotto East Pakistan ka Qaatil bhi tha aur iss jurram per uss ko kitni baar capital pubnishment milni chahye thi jiss main abhi tak woh mafroor hay.

Ya phir siasat main zinda rehne ke liye kissi aur shaheed ka bando-bast kerain.

Lagta hay abh koi kartoos baqi nahein bacha.

Ya phir kaale bakroon wali sarkar hi ser per shahaadat ka sehra sajae gi.

Yeh Buttoism wali kaath ki handya kab tak mulk ko jilaati rahe gi.


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M Javed sahib,

Yaar kuch sharam karo, you seem to be an educated person but talk like a shit. The case is, was Mr. Bhutto hanged right or wrong, why are you trying to connect that thing with other things at this stage. If you are so enthusiatic about the processing of other cases against Mr. Bhutto, please go ahead and push for it but do not mix up.

Pakistanis are the worst nation in the world who can not resolve their disputes but create more disputes. Let court decide if hang of Mr. Bhutto was right or wrong........

M javed

Mr/Miss/Mrs Malidar, I do not know your exact name.

You have disputed a political part of my post.

You have not raised any questions on the legal arguments which I have given against Mr. Bhutto's case.

On all the corruption, bad-governance and inefficiency of PP government, they only say a simple sentence - "You can go into the court".

You are saying the same thing.

If court gives its verdict - you become a 'shaheed' - you bring political protests, cause damage to public and private properties and lives and bring resolutions in a provincial assembly (a resolution in the case of Didar shah's dismissal in the Sindh Assembly). Now take pity on this country and nation. who broke the country - who is weakening and disgracing the institutions in the country.

Because you know it is not possible for an ordinary person to do that.

On Musharraf's Article 6 trial, PP failed to fulfil its constitutional obligation and said "it is not doable" and is still asking "you can go into the court". Because you know, the constitution says - it is only you not anybody else who can go into the court - then why not. Constitution never said "bring a unanimous resolution in the National Assembly" - it is you who is making lame excuses to make a mockery of the nation. Why don't you dare to admit - we are fulfilling a hidden conspiracy with America, UK, Saoodi Arabia and Arab Emirates.

If you are brave enough - come out of the constitutional exemptions and ask Mr. Zardari to face a trial in a court of law. Why don't you say - Mr. Zardari's Switzerland money is not a looted national money. Until that money comes back, it does not make difference Mr. Zardari was in prison or not.

You say such things because you know -America and Army is behind you.

You have given abuses to the whole Pakistani nation by calling them "the worst" which is extremely wrong.

I have not said the Court must not give another verdict on Mr. Bhutto's case.

We must call a "truth a truth" - interests of a country and those of a nation are above the party interests - We must admit it.

This is always the essential key to the integrity and solidarity of a nation.

Don't you accept Mr. Bhutto preferred to break Pakistan than to become an opposition leader in 1971-Is this what the PP believes to be a democracy.

Now contrary to what the whole world says - Democracy is the name of service to the people but PP is saying - Democracy is the best revenge.

You have already taken revenge from Pakistan by breaking it into two and now by deliberate corruption, mis-governance, clash with the institutions of the country, poverty, hunger, price hike, ruthlessly working for America and 1001 other evils - what other revenge you still have to take against us as a nation.

If we are the worst, why you come to us for being elected to the government office. Go and relocate yourself elsewhere in the world where you can find the best people.

Your basic objective is to loot and destroy.

Your and our fathers and elders never created this country to loot and plunder and then find your places in London, France and Switzerland.

May there be those who can defeat your anti-Pakistan and anti-people objectives and award you deterring punishments.

May Almighty Allah save us from people like you.
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