DG ISI, what are you waiting for?


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You will come to know soon... establishment has lost on 8th February and lost again... you put Imran Khan behind bars for 8 months now and begging for help... chootiya

Pakistan has defaulted...
Use your remaining neurons to figure out who is at loss. It funny that you are forcing others and trying to convince that chose someone who brought Buz as a WA plus ... Grow up man.


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ابے لٹو ، کیوںخفا ھوریا اے ، تیرا مجنوں اڈھیالہ میں تیرا انتظار کر ریا اے ، پہنچ جا خوشبو لگا کے ۔
Abae tu gndu mein nahee
Neech hindu kee zaat