Decisions announced by CM Punjab Usman Buzdar today 23-03-2020

Hunain Khalid

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Decisions announced by CM Punjab:

▪ All the restrictions imposed already will continue for next 14 Days
▪ Exemptions: Grocery Stores, takeaways, Pharma, essential services like Utility Companies, Banks, Medical services will be exempted from these restrictions
▪ Public Transport to be suspended
▪ Pillion ride to be banned (except families in emergency)
▪ Private Vehicles will be allowed (with limited people)
▪ Grocery stores to manage the crowd properly
▪ Govt will ensure uninterrupted supply chain of food items & pharma industry
▪Govt has completed mapping and have gathered information of all the census blocks, their food requirements and the stocks available

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Corona se bachne ka parhez sirf "mukammal lochdown" hai, baqi sab dramebazi hai....IK aur buzdar aur dr zafar tinon na ehel aur nakaam sabit hue hain....inhain founrun hataya jai warna kai hazar pakistan halak ho jainge...
............Wahid hal ISLAMI INQELAB, sabr karo......................